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The Power of eWave – Predict the Markets in style

Hi  Today I share with you, once again, the power of eWave. Please read below to learn how powerful this indicator is. It is something you need right now if you want to be able to tell in advance where the next move is going to be. Interesting isn’t it? 

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High Probability Setups – 50 pips within an Hr on Euro Yen

Hello Traders! We have a strategy that can point out time in the market when trading become very high probability. The following picture is based on a setup that was taken during such high probability times as spotted by our knowledge of patterns in the market that occur during certain

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Some Nice Setups After News today

Hi Here are few charts from today’s action. It was a boring morning as expected because they were all waiting for BOE Gov to speak. As soon as they spoke, something, who cares, the markets responded and created nice setups here and there. Some we caught others we missed… Good

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Post NFP Trades AGAIN! A Lovely Trade

Hi IT was not long ago when we had NFP the last time … hehe… Oh well, we know why? The US Govt shutdown had something to do with you. This month, though we had on time. And it was all so lovely for the AIMSters. Usuing our Unique AIMS

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eWaves and NFP – Magic Happens with eWaves

Hi You know we have an extra indicator based on #AIMS Wave and the concept of #ElliottWave. We have an eBook, available to our Premium Members called 10 Seconds to Elliott Wave. #10sElliottWave. This concept has changed our trading forever and its something we cherish the most. It makes our

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Three Ways to Get Into the Market

If someone were to ask me, “how do you make entries into the market” or “How do you trade” I’d say this to them… I have 3 ways to get into the market  Three Ways to Get In1. Classic S1 entry (I try to take this in the direction of 3x

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How accurately can we predict the future?

Did you know that we can predict the market upto a certain degree? Did you know that there are simple tools that can actually help you predict where price would be in future with a certain level of probability of success. Yes, there are simple little tools available to all

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Spend 8 Min Trading Grow Your Account by 40% each month

Hi In 2010, we started trading with our Unique Euro Dollar (EUR/USD) Strategy and it was a huge success. We traded it, we grew our accounts and we mastered it. Now that we have mastered our Main EUR/USD Strategy we have now expanded the scope of our trading. As our

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Trading Was Never As Easy as This

Hi Its been a while since I posted here. I have been very busy lately. Nothing special just concentrating on my trading and trading the sh**out of it! Its been a blessing month and the next one should be even better. Some pics from March! A Lovely Trade that brought

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694 Pips Today on Euro Yen for AIMS Stress Free Trading

What an Amazing week and finished with one of the best day of this year. +694 pips and counting! We keep it simple. You have 3 options. 1. Beginners Tempalte – Conservative approach with only Trend Following Setups 2. Extra Conservative – Only Setups that are very high probability 3. Classic

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