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Three Ways to Get Into the Market

Three Ways to Get Into the Market

If someone were to ask me, “how do you make entries into the market” or “How do you trade”

I’d say this to them… 

I have 3 ways to get into the market 

Three Ways to Get In
1. Classic S1 entry (I try to take this in the direction of 3x or 5x HTF Trend) 
2. The Seed (in the direction of the current time frame)
3. The Fruit ( at the peak of Wave 2, Wave 4 or Wave 5) 

I also have 3 ways to Get out of the market

Three Ways to Get Out
1. Target Point Hit (based on Fib Expansion and AIMS levels to the left- Simple Stuff)
2. Stop Close on Green/Red Line (Moving Average Trailing Stop)
3. Candles or AIMS boxes Trailing Stop Loss Hit. 

(ps… Never Get in our Get out of the market without a certain valid reason/s)

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