Does AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading System Work on All Time Frames, Stocks or Commodities?

Yes! This works on all time frames and any currency pair, stock, commodity or literally anything that can be displayed as a chart. We offer 3 Trading Strategies that together provides an efficient solution for traders who want to trade either Part Time, Full Time, Day Trade, Swing Trade or want to Invest on Longer Time basis.

Is AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy Trend Following, Counter Trend or Combination?

Yes, it is a combination. We have the following 3 Strategies. Our bread and better technique is what we call "Breakouts in the Direction of Higher Time Frame Trends". That is The Setup One Strategy. As you progress from Stage 1 to Stage 2, you will be Introduced to another strategy The Hunt, that looks at trend and reversals within trends. In Stage 3, you will learn our Reversal Strategy The Fruit. 

Can You Describe the Strategies Briefly?

Yes, Sure. Here we go. 3 Examples from the Three Strategies. 

Stage 1. EUR/USD and DAX30 QuickFire Scalping Strategy AIMS The Setup – A Breakout Scalping Strategy for Quick Regular Gains using the fastest time frames- Ideal for Part Timers. If you have 2 hrs available you can look to gain 7-20% per month on this strategy.

Stage 2. AIMS The Seed Strategy – Applied to any time frame but specially suitable for H1 (Hourly) ,H4 (Four Hourly) ,D1 (Daily) and W1 (Weekly) . A Pure Trend following Technique. Spare a minute at the top of every hour about 4-6 times a day and you’ve got yourself a formula for 10-20% growth per month.

Stage 3. AIMS The Fruit Strategy – Applied to any time frame but ideal for H1 (Hourly) ,H4 (Four Hourly) ,D1 (Daily) and W1 (Weekly). A technique to Pick The Tops and Bottoms. The strategy allows you to get into New Waves right at the top or bottom of where the previous waves ended. It can be used as Counter Trend as well as Trend Following Strategy. This strategy, can be applied to any time frame but it is amazingly powerfully successful on The Dailies and The Hourly Charts. Think about doubling your account every 3-6 months if trading the hourly charts and at least doubling your account if trading the dailies.

Stage 4. AIMS The Hunt Strategy – Are you more of an objectivity type of person? Do you like statistical proof? Do you like Higher Probability Setups? Do You Want A Higher Win Rate? If YES, AIMS The Hunt is “THE” strategy for you. With Win rate of 66% you will enjoy trading The Hunt Trading Strategy. It can be applied to all time frames but our favourite are M1 and H1.

Is AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading Strategy a Simple Strategy?

Yes! It is as easy as waiting for a customer in a shop. Just wait for an Entry Alert, Check Simple Rules to further validate the Signal. Thats it!” Well, that’s what they all say, and it could be true. In fact it is true that Aims Stress Free Trading is a Simple Trading System. However, the fact remains that trading is a skill just any other skill. You will have to invest time and effort to learn this simple skill. The important point is that you do not have to be a genius to be a good trader

What is the Secret behind the Success of AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy?

A: There are two sides to Consistently Successful Forex Trading. 

The SECRET of the Consistent Success of AIMS Stress Free Trading system is that it takes care of both the sides. 

In short trading success depend on two things.

1. A good tested trading system such as AIMS Stress Free Trading and

2. A Trading Personality that Match The Market. 

As you may have already understood that it is to do with “Human Psychology”. It is to do with your “Mind”. And we believe trading is 80% mental and that is why we have dedicated section in our forum called The Mind. We will help you know the Structure of the Market and The Structure of YOU. 

Then you will be able to match the two and “ride with the tide” “go with the flow” and so on and so forth. The Secret to AIMS is The Zone.

We encourage everyone to join as Premium members because it is catered for “really serious” traders. Traders who want to trade successfully.

What is the Possible and Do-able Average Account Growth per Month using AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading Strategy?

We believe 10%-20% per month is easily achievable and 100% is possible. However, profitability varies from person to person, depending on your experience and skill level. But progression is not a slow process. Many traders have excelled quite quickly others require a bit longer.

My Broker does not have Metatrader4 (MT4) Platform, can I still use AIMS Stress Free Trading?

Yes! All you have to do is download a FREE Demo MT4 from any forex broker and install our indicators onto it. Once your platform is up and running you can follow signals from MT4 and put trades on your brokers platform whether its a downloadable platform or a web platform. Simple!

Can I ask for a refund? Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes! we have a conditional money back guarantee. We ask you to join us, study the material, follow the procedure. One of the simple step is to take at least 20 Trades and record it in your journal. If you did that you will know the power of this method. If you still are not satisfied let us know and we will sort you out. To date, it has NOT happened. 100% Satisfaction Rate. 

Moreover, for Live Trading Subscription, there are no contracts. You can cancel subscription at any time. If you think our service was completely not what you expected please contact us and we will see what we can do. To date, its rarely happened.

I use NinjaTrader, MetaStock or other Platform, can I still use AIMS Stress Free Trading and making money?

Yes! All you have to do is download a FREE Demo MT4 from any forex broker and install our indicators onto it. Once your platform is up and running you can follow signals from MT4 and put trades on a trading platform of your choice

What type of customer support will I receive?

AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading Strategy has a dedicated Members Area and Community Support Forum.  The best way to get support is to get involved in the forum. The forum is your place to learn, get support and share. We make sure our customers are taken care of as soon as possible. Once you you become member of our Dedicated Members Only Forum you will get all the support inside the forum 24hrs. When there is technical issues such ans login, passwords, etc or unusual errors for that you can create a support ticket or email us as well. We will get back to you within a few hours. 

Do I get Free Updates?

Yes, all updates (same versions only) are Free of Cost to existing members, depending on membership level. e.g. we recently included two new strategies The Seed and The Fruit and made it available to existing members for no extra charge. Moreover we recently introduced a new proprietary indicator replacing one of the standard MT4 indicators without charge to existing members. All upgrades for the same version are free of cost. e.g. If you buy Premium Membership all Updates to the Current Strategies and its Indicators will be offered for FREE. However if we develop new strategy and software it will be excluded from t his membership. From Oct 2020 we started Platinum Package; this package includes all updates and New Strategy and Software during the subscription period. It is a yearly package. At the end of the package you can either renew it or else convert it into Premium Package. 

How is it possible that AIMS Stress-Free Strategy Works on all time frames?

It works on all time frames because of Three Fundamental Reasons. Sorry, but this requires a longer answer. Brace yourselves.

1. We believe that market has a structure and we know that structure. AIMS Stress Free Trading is based on this structure. We also know that this structure is universal for all time frames and instruments. The waves repeat themselves creating repeating patterns over and over on all time frames, currency pair, stock or commodity. It is the beauty of “Fractal Geometry”.

2. If a setup does not work on any one of the time frames technically that setup will eventually fail. We recommend trading this strategy from Weekly charts all the way down to One Minute chart. However “not all traders are made equal”. We are all unique beings and have unique personalities. It is up to us to find out what is the “best match between us and the trading strategy we chose”.

So, Yes this strategy is tune with the structure of the market and it works not only on all time frames, it works on all types of charts including currencies, stocks or commodities.

3. We have Three strategies that provides solution for nearly all types of traders and markets. Please read above about the 3 strategies. We have Special Indicators for M5/M1 Time Frames: The V5.1 indicators, are specifically designed for our favourite fast time frame and choice of currency pair.

AIMS Entry Alert V5.1 : is designed for Higher Probability Setups on any time frames including Daily, Four Hourly, Hourly, M30, M15, M5 and M1.

The Hunt and Fruit Strategy takes care of traders willing to trade higher time frames and would like to use a counter trend technique as well as trend following and breakout techniques. 

What is the average win loss ratio and is it profitable?

Yes, its very profitable and The Setup 1 and The Hunt Strategy has a 66% Win Rate Confirmed and Tested by Community.  

If you are losing money, as soon as you start trading this strategy you will in the beginning at least stop losing money or lose only a little but within a short period of time, lets say a few weeks to a couple of months at most ,you should understand the setup and then the sky is the limit.

Remember Money is a Byproduct of Good Trading. And AIMS Stress Free Trading Course helps become a Good Trader. Of course it depends on individual effort, willingness to learn and the work they are ready to put in. If you can promise me that you will trade the system as it is supposed to be traded I can almost guarantee you that you will stay profitable in the short and the long run. The system has proven itself over years. Risk Reward per trade can vary between 1:1 to 1:20.

Does the system perform well during Choppy Days?

Yes, it depends how you define choppy day. During choppy session you might have a few losing trades but our losers are far smaller than our winners. Most whipsaws occur during the wave we like to call “the Fourth Wave”. That's when the markets are usually sideways with no clear trend. 

80% of losses occur during this wave. But don’t worry we have techniques and measure to take care of this problem. You may pay a few “rents and expenses” here and there in the shape of small losing trades during such waves but if you continue applying the strategy correctly, you will hit a trend and when you do it will more than cover the expenses and bring in mighty good profits to fill your bank account.

Of course every moment in the market is unique and there is no comparison between any two trades. We have a purple magic line, respecting the rules for purple eliminates 80% of whiplashes! And now we have introduced the Double Arrows Entry Alert that takes care of you during choppy periods.

Does the system have drawdown periods?

Yes, like any good strategy it does have small drawdown periods. But I have never seen a draw down that may affect my mental side or dent my account too much. 

We have a few rare losing days but the week is always a winner. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a losing week. We always strive to keep our drawdown less than 5%. We have good Risk Management techniques that helps us achieve that goal. We share this information with our members.

Can anyone learn to trade this system?

Yes, anyone can learn to trade it like professionals from complete novice to experts traders, all can benefit from this strategy. The Good News is that you Do Not have to be a genius to be a good trader. The strategy is simple and in my humble opinion, simple is always the best.

AIMS Stress Free Trading – The Setup eBook and the rich database of information in the forum provides suits beginners as well as expert traders. Learning is a step by step process and progress may vary from person to person but in general it’s a Simple Technique that Works!

Can everyone make 100k a year from forex trading? 

Yes, of course provided they put in the work. What we do at AIMS is take you through 3 stages of training. You start at stage 1 and work your way through to stage 3. You can do it at your pace. It may take you 3 months or a year. But eventually you will get there. And YES! we are there to help and support you at every step. 

What is the minimum required investment? 

A Forex broker will let you open an account for a very small dollar amount. Ideally Beginners start with $200 to $500 Account. It is a good start. However to get to that 100K a year lifestyle, it would take a bit of time. To make 100K a year you need to invest around $5,000 to begin and gradually grow it to 50K Level. But if you have less than that e.g. $10,000 then that's ok as well. What you will need to do is to first work your way towards the $25,000 goal. Once you get there you will be able to make $500 a day from trading. All this can happen as long as you follow the method, follow risk management rules and apply the minimal work required. (i.e. 1-2 hrs a day max).