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How accurately can we predict the future?

How accurately can we predict the future?

Did you know that we can predict the market upto a certain degree?

Did you know that there are simple tools that can actually
help you predict where price would be in future with a certain level of
probability of success. Yes, there are simple little tools available to all of
us with costing an extra dime.
Now, don’t get me wrong, its not that it should work like a
crystal ball with 100% accuracy (wait a minute, when was the last crystal ball
that worked correctly in the first place but lets just use this analogy anyway
haha) but that it makes your job, as a trader, a lot more fun and exciting.
Trading can be a very boring job at times since there is a
lot of waiting and patience required but such little techniques make it worth
your while.
So, I just posted a few pictures in the forum, in my journal
of deeds haha, to help us refresh our knowledge and understanding of these
simple tools. Tools that if applied correctly would make a hell of a difference
when it comes to counting your money at the end of the month.

Trust me, there are ways to trade better. And those ways are
not that hard. One being your ability to be in synch with the market. . All you
have to do is Know Yourself! You know, “be with the flow”, “swim
downstream” “be in the zone” etc etc etc…

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