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Who Are We? What is AIMS?

The Story of

Let me start by giving you a little background story of how we evolved as traders. How we created and started using The AIMS Methods and build the AIMS community.

The Journey of AIIMS began around 2009. The story is about discovering the Structure of The Market and How we adapted accordingly as we progressed through stages of evolution over the course of the last decade or more.

We are still learning and perhaps will continue to learn forever.

AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategy is the name of a community of traders who got sick and tired of scammers and system sellers.

A Group of 10 traders finally decided to take matters into their own hands. They wanted to work as a group. They wanted to be able to talk to each other and share ideas.

The first step to achieve this was to create a place for the group to hangout. A Skype Group was created.

For the next few years, they would trade together daily. The word of it would spread and others would want to join the group. The need to accommodate new members and share our ideas and concepts lead to further developments. Eventually, a site for blogging got created followed by a community forum and a membership area.

The methods used by AIMS Stress-Free Trading Community are based on The Science of Chaos. The first strategy they used was a successful strategy already famous for its extraordinary success in the longer-term time frames.

AIMS members adapted this and tweaked and perfected it to suit their needs.

After further enhancing, AIMSters would then successfully begin to apply the methods they learned to shorter faster time frames. They found new ways and techniques to extract profit from the markets with even greater success.

And it keeps getting better.

A Word from the Founder of iTradeAIMS

We started this approach more than a decade ago back in 2009. We are still using it daily with great success.
It was a time when we were a group of 10 people. We were determined to change our lives. We were not doing it to impress anyone or sell anything. All we wanted to achieve was find a way to grow our tiny accounts into something decent.

Believe me, we had no intention of sharing our method open to the public. But people would email us and contact us to share our methods. The more we talked about our way of trading the more people would contact us. So, we had to share it with others.

The First method we shared on our website was The Setup. The website started literally as a joke. Soon we realised people loved what we had to offer.

We started with AIMS Stress-Free Trading – The Setup Strategy and traded it for several years. And we kept learning and refining our technique.

Thousands of trades and “traders” later we learned which setups were the most potent and had the Highest Probability of success in the longer term.

The Ultimate Discovery

The practical application gave us immense joy and bundles of experience which eventually resulted in leading us in the right direction. At last, the Ultimate Discovery was made.

The Highest Probability Pattern We Now Call The Setup 1.

This has been confirmed as the Ultimate Winning Method.

The reason we love this method the most is that,

1. This method is teachable, and

2. This method is highly profitable.

It forms the basis of the First Training Step called Stage 1. 

NEXT, we shall discuss the discovery of AIMS The Seed Method.

Around 2014, We learned that The Setup 1 and The Setup 2 has a fractal geometric sister setup.