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I got Funded $200,00

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Professional Forex Trader

Evaluation Phase 1

Profit of $16,142

My Forex Funds Challenge Phase 1 Completed

Evaluation Phase 2

Profit of $10,468

Evaluation Phase 2 Completed
MyForexFunds Evaluation Phase 2 Passed

The journey from Store Assistant to a Professional Forex Trader

Emma worked hard to win that $200,000 Live Forex Funded Account. 
She’s become a Professional Forex Trader. She got funded a $200,000 Real Money Live Account.

Emma has turned her dream into a reality!

Emma CErtificate of Achievement Funded Trader with my forex funds

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Emma Confirmed with her facebook comment - its 100% legit

Sam has passed myforexfunds $200,000 funded account challenge

Here is Sam's Certificate of Achievement to Certify that Sam has passed the MyForexFunds Evaluation.
Sam has successfully become a Professional Forex Trader.
Sam Patel Funded Trader Certificate
Sam made $17,549 in Just One Day.

Sam has turned his dream into a reality!

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Sam made $17,549 in Just One Day.
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What Our Traders Say...

I joined AIMS Stress Free in Oct 2020, I came across it from nowhere. The stress free attracted me to this. There is definite entry level, stop level and target level, which keeps you in control, making stress free trading.
Your work ethics and dedication to trading is extraordinary and to be honest I need to pinch myself every day when you turn up in the room at London Open because I am fully aware that you have no need to give your time and effort to me or anybody else. I count myself among the lucky few.
The itrade aims system is the most concise and informative training system that i have ever seen and it is simple to use if you follow the plan and stick to the rules. Thanks for the help Immy i love the system and the books and information is great.
I have gained much knowledge what trading is all about from this community. And following Immy, all members shares their knowledge and are readily to help one another. It was a real blessing to have joined this community and will continue to be part of this community.
Eric Soon
AIMS is awesome! Very clear rules for entry, TP and SL. Great support and I love the trading room too. You can trade this system on any timeframe, perfect for me. The training is also amazing. Immy, the creator, explains everything. Thanks so much...great system!!!
Tim J
I am trading more than +7 years, In single sentence I would like to mention that, your system and strategies are very simple, scientific, effective and purely emotionless.
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