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Spend 8 Min Trading Grow Your Account by 40% each month

Spend 8 Min Trading Grow Your Account by 40% each month


In 2010, we started trading with our Unique Euro Dollar (EUR/USD) Strategy and it was a huge success. We traded it, we grew our accounts and we mastered it. Now that we have mastered our Main EUR/USD Strategy we have now expanded the scope of our trading. As our accounts grew we needed to adapt to ever changing market conditions and expand the scope of our trading.

Over the past 4 years we have learned new techniques and methods and further refined our trading skills. This year we have learned and successfully applied a technique that allow us to take very small risks with 10 folds multiple in rewards.  I  talk about 10 pips risk to get 300 pips trading only 8 min daily. Sounds Interesting? 

We now take 10-15 pips risk yet we are able to hold on to our trades in access of 100 – 300 pips. Eg. We took a trade on USD/JPY that required an initial risk of only 13 pips max with a possibility of a 10 pip risk available.

Our new technique has many advantages namely:
– Reduced Trading Time to 8min per day
– Even More Objective Entry Mechanism.
– Clear and Defined Exit Mechanism.
– A money management technique that allows you to Enter The Zone.
– Trade management techniques that helps you trade Stress Free and in The Zone.

In a Nutshell – It is an Integrated approach that squeezes a huge scope of goodies into a tiny little Candle. We call it The Seed.

USD/JPY Live Trade Example 
We have now locked over 250 pips on that trade. This trade alone has brought confirmed 12% account growth with a possibility of 30% account growth. We are in the process of teaching that technique to other AIMSters right now. Join Today to Learn more…

Initial Risk 13Pips Reward 300 Pips 1: 23%. Amazing Risk Reward Ratio
AIMS Stress Free Trading –
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