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Are You Looking for a Winning Forex Day Trading System?

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Join The iTradeAIMS trading community where you will excel and become highly disciplined and consistently profitable trader.

We give you tools and techniques that help you increase your trading profits in easy to follow step-by-step process.

iTradeAIMS is a trading community where you excel and become highly disciplined and consistently profitable trader.

We give you tools and techniques that help you increase your trading profits in easy to follow step-by-step process.

JOIN TODAY to become Highly Disciplined and Consistently Profitable Trader

Forex Education

Video Tutorials and Streams

AIMS Stress Free Trading offers full forex, stocks and crypto trading programs. This includes premium level in-depth video tutorials of everything a you need to know about forex trading.

Whether you're a beginner just starting now or experienced trader, AIMS trading strategies will help you excel in your trading and achieve your financial goals.

Trading Books and Course Pages

AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategies are fully explained through video and text. You will have access to our trading books in pdf format as well as webpages.

Winning Indicators

MT4 and TradingView Indicators and scripts

We have developed proprietary trading software that gives us a tremendous edge in the market.

Every Indicator we have coded has been tried and tested by our expert traders and coders.

You get several different trading strategies to learn and each strategy has its own set of indicators and trading algorithms.

What Traders Say about us

I joined AIMS Stress Free in Oct 2020, I came across it from nowhere. The stress free attracted me to this. There is definite entry level, stop level and target level, which keeps you in control, making stress free trading.
Your work ethics and dedication to trading is extraordinary and to be honest I need to pinch myself every day when you turn up in the room at London Open because I am fully aware that you have no need to give your time and effort to me or anybody else. I count myself among the lucky few.
The itrade aims system is the most concise and informative training system that i have ever seen and it is simple to use if you follow the plan and stick to the rules. Thanks for the help Immy i love the system and the books and information is great.
I have gained much knowledge what trading is all about from this community. And following Immy, all members shares their knowledge and are readily to help one another. It was a real blessing to have joined this community and will continue to be part of this community.
Eric Soon
AIMS is awesome! Very clear rules for entry, TP and SL. Great support and I love the trading room too. You can trade this system on any timeframe, perfect for me. The training is also amazing. Immy, the creator, explains everything. Thanks so much...great system!!!
Tim J
I am trading more than +7 years, In single sentence I would like to mention that, your system and strategies are very simple, scientific, effective and purely emotionless.
AIMS Community Forum

AIMS Forum


AIMS Stress Free Trading has a thriving global community. Join our forex forum to meet people from all over the world. You will find a like-minded trader from as far as Australia, China and India, or United States, Canada or Brazil or from our home base in Europe.

AIMS Forum is a place where you will meet friendly and supportive fellow traders.

The Trading Forum serves as hub for traders to interact as well as keep records of their trades. The best way to stay disciplined and being true to yourself is to keep a trading journal. We have a special place for it in the forum.

aims live trading room discord

Trading Room

AIMS Live Trading Room

Trade live with Immy and other day traders. Get live trade signals, on spot expert analysis and forecasts. Chatroom is open 24/7.
There is no place like AIMS Live Trading Room.

Chatroom Trading Schedule

London Open: 8am - 10am (GMT) [Live Trading Session via Discord] US Session : 1.30 pm to 4pm (GMT) [Live Trading Session via Discord] We also share Forex Trade Ideas, Analysis, Forecast and Trading Signals throughout the day.

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How to trade forex with aims the hunt 2.0 signals
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The Ultimate Day Trading Forex System for Beginners
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