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Immy Yousafzai

Immy Yousafzai - Professional Forex Trader

Hello, this is Immy (Professional Forex Trader) from Kings Heath Park, Birmingham Uk.

Listen, I want to Thank you for popping in and I'm really excited to share this news with you.

I want to share with you Why so many of our Members Winning and Becoming Professional Forex Traders

I just checked Emma's Online Forex Trading Journal and saw that she has shared the news about her 4th successful real money payout of $5381.23 - Wow! She received this money from her prop firm

It was back in Nov Last year when she started the challenge and within just one month she had completed and won the challenge. She was Funded with a $200,000 Real Money Forex Account.

🥇 Emma trades in our Discord Trading Room Every Single Day. She worked hard to win that $200,000 Live Forex Funded Account. She is now a Professinal Forex Trader with a $200,000 Real Money Live Account. She has achieved her dream and became a prop firm professional funded forex trader.

So, now she gets paid $5,000+ every 2nd week.

Sounds too good to be true? I can assure you that it is 100% true. I trade with Emma every day. It's the truth and you can check it and verify it. We trade together in our discord everyday.

Why are Forex Traders Going Bananas?

Why So Many Traders Have Ditched Their Previous Forex Trading Systems for The Banana Indicator?

Because, when they Use The Banana Indicator they Instantly Win $200,000 Forex Funded Accounts

How did Emma turn her story around from Working at Grocery Store to Full Time Funded Forex Trader?

Emma CErtificate of Achievement Funded Trader with my forex funds

Would You Like to Learn How Emma Became a Professional Forex Trader? 


If Yes, then The Answer is Right in front of you!  


YES!  Emma has quit her job and started working from home as a full time funded forex trader. 


She has achieved this by applying the methods we teach you here. 


She has done it by Applying The Banana Forex Trading Strategy and The Banana Forex Trading Indicator.  


Plain and Simple. Emma Confirms!  

Here's Emma Confirming that it's 100% legit! 🥇

Emma Confirmed with her facebook comment - its 100% legit

None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you ( AIMS) 🙂

Emma ($200,000 Funded Forex Trader) Tweet

How AIMS Member Received a Payout of $15,103?

How Much Money Our Traders Make with Banana Forex Entry Indicator?

Our Trader’s have Become Professional Prop Firm Traders winning $200,000 Forex Funded Accounts with Companies like FTMOMyForexFundsE8Funding etc. 

Please note we are NOT affiliated with any of these companies. 

One of the members and AIMS Friend called 

Tmbabs Won $250,000 Challenge with 

Won $250,000 account in January 2022. He shared with us when he received his First Payout within the first month: $15,103 

tmbabs confirms

Emma Won a $200,000 Challenge with 

Emma is on a Roll.

She got her 4th Payout of $5381.23 
1st Payout: $2080.35
2nd Payout: $6278.20
3rd Payout: 898.05

I am a Professional Forex Trader

Everyone was taking the challenge so I thought, I'll give it a go as well. So I took the challenge, applied the Banana Strategy and PASSED

Certificate of Professional Forex Trader

Evaluation Phase 1 Completed

My Forex Funds Challenge Phase 1 Completed

Evaluation Phase 2 Completed

Evaluation Phase 2 Completed
MyForexFunds Evaluation Phase 2 Passed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a Course specifically designed for this.

Yes, We have given away our forex trading products, our forex courses and indicators for FREE which is worth $1997. >>> So go ahead and enroll in one of the courses. 

The Banana Indicator is an awesome forex entry indicator that we have created after countless hours spent researching. The result is the product of proper scientific and rigorous testing.

However, the indicator is designed to be used with a Pattern in the forex market that the trader must learn to understand. The best way to learn this pattern is to take our FREE Forex trading course. Here 

There are 4 Entry Rules and 3 Filter Rules that you can use to get the most out of this amazing forex entry indicator. You can learn about the rules and the rest of the important information here. Take the course its FREE. 

Yes, you can request a 14 Days Free Trial. No need to pay before you test the indicator. Try it Now

Yes, it’s free to download and use. You can get a 14 days FREE Trial period. If you like it and want to continue to use it then you can purchase license for the following periods. 

We offer 3 months, 6 months, or 12 Months licenses. Check Pricing here 

You can get a 14 Days Free Trial before you buy a subscription. 

No, Unfortunately, we do not have the TradingView version of the Banana Indicator. The code behind this indicator is much more complex and it took way too much of our time. So we are just content with using it on our favourite forex trading platform the Metatrader 4. We might convert this or recode it for Metatrader 5 platform in future. 

Installation and Settings

How to Safely Download and Install The Banana? 

First, Let’s Download the Indicator Files. It is an Installer Package.

Step 1: 


  1. Make Sure you are on the computer you intend to use The Banana Indicator (It’s Important) 
  2. FALSE VIRUS ALERT: You might get a Virus Warning from Windows Defender or Your Firewall. Please ignore this warning. The Software is 100% Virus FREE. 


Step 2: 

Now you are ready to Download. Hit the Link Below

  • Download the iTradeAIMS – The Banana Setup Installer Programme. 
  • The setup will install the following files:
    1. iTradeAIMS – The Banana
    2. iTradeAIMS – The Banana Trend
    3. iTradeAIMS – The Banana Method Template 
    4. Some Useful Scripts 
    5. iTradeAIMS DLL FIles.
  • After installation is complete, Restart your MT4 and Apply the Template iTradeAIMS – The Banana Method. 
  • You will see a popup on the screen. Copy the CID and send it to us using the form provided below. We will then activate your 14 Days Trial Period. 

How to Do Manual Installation 

If you are on MAC or if you simply want to install the Banana Indicator manually (Custom Installation) then please go to this page. 

How to Activate Your Banna Indicator License? 

In order to be able to use the Banana Indicator, you will need to activate/validate your license.
When you install your indicator, apply the Template. A Popup will appear. Copy the CID License and Send it to us.

How Long Does it Take to Activate The Licence? 
You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hrs. 

Activation Periods and Expiration Dates: 

The banana activation period and expiration depend on your membership type. 

How long is the Trial Period?

The Trial period for Banana Indicator is 14 Days from the day of Activation. 

Can I Buy a License for Longer Periods?

Yes, you can purchase a license for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
>>> Check the Pricing Section Here <<< 

Need Troubleshooting Help?

🦠 Virus Warning? If you got a virus warning, don’t worry it’s a false positive. Check the Next Step

🙍🏼‍♀️ Are You a Member? 
If you are paid or FREE Member, you may also create a support ticket  at HELPDESK

👨🏼‍✈️ Get FREE Premium Support?
Registration is FREE: Signup a FREE Account Here

If you’re having trouble with Anti-virus warning or anything else please follow the instructions below. 

Windows Defender Warning

If you see a warning by windows defender, don’t worry, this is safe software. There are no viruses. 

If you see this Window Popup 

Screenshot of Windows Defender Warning

Click on More Info  Then you will see the following window. Click on Run Anyway. 

Screenshot of Windows defender pop up 2

You will then see this screen. Follow the instructions on the screen. 

Screenshot of iTradeAIMS Banana Install Program

Windows Defender Blocking Installation Program? 

If the download gets cancelled or you get a security warning. Your firewall is probably blocking the installation program. 

Please make sure you allow our installer program through your firewall. 

To allow the program to be downloaded please take these 4 steps. 

Step 1 and 2 

Step 1 and 2 of 4

Step 3

Step 3 of 4

Step 4 Final 

Final Step

Latest Version Already Installed?

  • If you this screen saying there is a new version already installed then you may quit the setup. 
  • If you see two instances of the Banana Indicator in MT4 navigator window. It is best to use the uninstall option first, then install the new version. 

Screenshot of iTradeAIMS The Banana Installation program

iTradeAIMS The Banana Settings Screenshot
iTradeAIMS The Banana Settings Screenshot

Platinum lifetime Member: You will receive 12 Months License (Free) 

Premium Member: you will receive 3 Months License (Free)

Chatroom Monthly Subscriber: If you’re a  Monthly Subscriber: You will receive 3 Months License (Free) After that we recommend you purchase a License. 

We offer 3, 6, or 12 Months licenses. Check Pricing here 

The Banana Indicator requires license activation. 

Send Your Computer ID:

We need to know your computer ID to activate your license. Please note that the CID stands for Computer ID and it is NOT the normal computer ID that you can get using system information.

It is a unique CID created by our encryption software provider. 

Get Your CID

There are 2 ways to find your CID.

Easier Way: Once you have downloaded and installed the Banana Indicator. Attach the Indicator to the chart. A popup will appear telling you that your license is not authorised. This popup will also contain your CID. Copy and it send to us using the form below on this page. 

You will see a Pop Like this on Your MT4 Platform. 

CID Banana Popup License Warning

Note: You may send the CID using email but we RECOMMEND that you use the Form Below because we need further details. 

Second Way to Get CID

To find your Unique CID please download the CID program Click Here or Download rom the Banana Tab in your members Dashboard. 

How to find your Computer ID


Send Your CID

Please fill in this form to share your CID with us. 

Version History

Current Version:  14.3
Release Date: 19 May 2022

Previous Versions: 

Version 13 End Date 16 June 2022

Version 11 End Date: 18 March 2022

Version 10.13 End Date: 14 March 2022

Version 10.10  End Date: 22 Feb 2022

Unreleased Version: Version 15 
Release Date: Not Known 

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