I see a bright future…

Hey Imran! I see a bright future in store for you trading the higher TF’s. Welcome aboard! It will be a great privilege to have another talented mind working with us lazy 4hr traders. Look forward to following your success! رابرٹ Robert AIMS Stress Free Trading – http://www.iTradeAIMS.com


Started a trade off a nice 1-2 situation. Alligator mouth was open. I saw that my entry was a fractal or two late but it was still early. a bit late but not too late. It worked well. Later added another smaller position. Picture as below.  the first vertical grey line shows there I should have entered ideally. I think the exit was spot on. I took most of my position off of first entry after I saw divergence on AO. and move my SL …

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Some words of gratitude! My previous journal etc

I would like to express my gratitude to all the Black Dog Traders, everyone part of it. I enjoyed my time there and now I have moved on. I still miss those days. I might never forget those days but I am happy. I found my own style. I learned how to trade using Black Dog and later developed my own style and understanding. So I’m grateful to Black Dog Trading System. I am grateful to Dave Atkinson. I made many good friends, some of  …

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Today and yesterday on GBPCHF

Yesterday I took a trade on GBPCHF on H4 and H1. I took a H1 trade which triggered earlier than the photo below and close at the FE 62. This is Fib Expansion.  The idea was that since we had seen the third wave, ie.e peak of AO to the left we should have been expecting a Fifth. Now the fifth can be predicted and if you pull the FE tool it will give you the TZ i.e Target Zone between which a fifth wave …

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We Use 3 Indicators and One more

Indicators Bill Williams describes the Alligator as being like a compass which keeps your trading in the right direction. The Alligator helps you spot a real trend and stay out of range-bound trading, which always result in losses. The Alligator is the combination of three balance lines: Alligator’s Jaw (the blue line) – 13-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset 8 bars into the future; Alligator’s Teeth (the red line) – 8-period moving average at the mid price (High+Low)/2, which is offset …

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Everything is Energy and Energy Follows the Path of Least Resistance

The Blue line is the balance. When Price is stuck between aims levels, when upper aims are above the alligator and lower aims are below it, you have reached an equilibrium. A low frequency, low wavelength vibration, the point from where all the greatest trend originate. The longer it stays like that the stronger will be the trend when it breaks out. When this energy (price) is released (break out of the first fractal out of alligators mouth) it will follow the path of least …

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Some thoughts and Facts

1. Price is not a Cause its an Effect 2. The thing that takes Chaos from Chaos, which is seamingly un-organised, to cosmos, ie organised is a thing called “Fractal”. 3. The Markets are a natural function not a man made function 4. Technical analysis does not work because past does not repeat itself. Every moment in the markets is unique. 5. Every-time you make a decision you make a Fractal/AIMS Level.  AIMS Stress Free Trading – http://www.iTradeAIMS.com

Belief System

The market gives you whatever you believe it can give you. If you think getting 10pips out of market is difficult. Then there you go you said it. Its going to be difficult. Your mind will make sure your reality (that you create for yourself) conforms to your belief system. If you think 10pips is not enough, then it will never be enough. but If you think and believe (if you intend) you can get what ever amount of pips out of the market, you …

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Trading Chaos

Hello! Ok I’m just gonna write some random thoughts here. So please dont judge me. Basically I try to emulate Bill Williams Profitunity Trading System. This I believe is Trading Chaos. Chaos is not “chaos” its highly organised. Chaos is a higher form of organisation. Its not just random movements. It follows a proper structure. (I can brag about all this because none of it is mine) I believe the market has a structure – That structure is Elliott Wave I believe that every structure …

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