Setup 2 – How to Trade the Dots

Just wait for the Dot Alert then 

Check the Setup Rules

Setup 2 Example

Now wait for Exit signal. If you took short trade, like below, using a Red Dot alert wait for Blue Dot. 
If you took a long trade using a Blue Dot wait for red dot to exit. Could it be simpler than this?
Edit: 25th July 2011
Empty Chart followed by explanation of how to count Elliott Wave in 10s and How make entries and exits on Dots
Empty Chart.

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2 thoughts on “Setup 2 – How to Trade the Dots”

  1. Hi Immy
    On the set up 1: i think i am getting more confortable with it.
    Just one question: Will you have always a dot alert before a set up that u will take?
    On the set up 2: Still not because its unclear for me (pardon me) the understanding of the rules.
    1) which one the 2 sets of 3 rules should we follow (coz they look different)
    a) Rule 1 – Is the Alligator Awake with lines outside AIMS?
    Rule 2 – Is Price Close to Red Line and AO Close to Zero Line?
    Rule 3 – Is Price Inside AIMS?
    (Rules 1 and 3 together are difficult to be met, i think…)
    b) Setup 2: Open Alligator (Trade with Alligator)
    Rule 1: First or Second AIMS out of Open Alligator
    Rule 2: AO Close to ZL
    Rule 3: Price Close to Red Line and/or Opposite AIMS

    2)for the last set of rules which is the 3 rules you send with the package, i don't get the rule 1: First of second AIMS out of open alligator:
    on the above example: Appears the red dot alert, then you check the rules for set up 1 or 2. no set up 1, then 2 periods later appears a fractal outside the alligator (but formed inside the alligator). at the break of aims, you take the trade. Am i right?

    Sorry to ask all these questions, i think its important for me to understand the rules perfectly

    Thanks again


  2. Hi Erik
    1. I tend not to take setups withou the alert. Because the Alert is my Setup.

    2. For Rules please check the tabs above, How to trade AIMS.

    When you have alert, first check Rule 1. if alligator is open or sleeping. then it depends on what you see. i hope this helps. please re-read the above page. thanks

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