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How to trade the Dots

How to trade the Dots

Another fine example. It was not that easy though. It required patience and discipline. One thing that I learned from my friend Bill was this, Patience and Discipline. and no its not Bill Williams, (I wish) its another trader of the ghetto. So patience and discipline go hand and hand. One cannot exist without the other. Some say its the same concept two dimensions. I’d like to show here how you can put two charts side by side, either on one monitor or using 2 separate monitors and asses the situation without looking at any other time frame at all. Point to note AT ALL. I shall talk about the purple line some other time.  Explanation on the chart please click to enlarge to see the full picture.

Ok I know what you’re thinking, i did not exit on the blue dot but dont you worry about that. In order to start trading “Stress Free” you must train your self to enter using dot and exit using dot. and with time before you know it you will learn how to take maximum out of a trend. That will be the time when you will know without knowing how you know but you just know. It only comes after consistently staying in the now. That is taking entry setups and exit setups without thinking. Gradually your intuition develops and you just go with the flow. you’re in the zone.

Setup 1. On the right the M1 Chart is an example of Setup. Alligator is sleeping (lines inter twined and flat, AO close to Zero Line.  while at the same time if you looked at M5, it was
Setup 2. Looking at M5 chart we see that at the break of first AIMS Level outside Alligators mouth, Alligators mouth is already opened up to the downside. Though we had earlier entry using our “Edge” , that is the M1 entry. This minimises our losses and increases our Profits. 

AIMS Stress Free Trading –
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