The 3 Way Split – Why this Chart Layout Increases Your Profits?

Why I Use The Triple Screen Layout and Why YOU TOO MUST Use this Layout

Today in the chatroom I found out that one of the members still needed to understand why I use the triple or double chart layout.

In this Lesson, I will attempt to highlight the importance of this chart layout.

It gives us an edge.

And it is very important that you always display your charts like this because it will help you progress towards Stage 2 and understand what is Hunt Method.

This is All You Need

In the picture below I have taken a pattern from live chart on the 11th of Sep 2020. I traded this pattern live with my buddies in the chatroom. We all took it using our individual preferred setup and time frame. 

First, you see an M1 chart at London Open 11 Sep 2020

Second, in the middle, you Push Pause Pattern. 

Third You see a Push Pullback Pattern. 

Click to enlarge

This following chart shows the trades I took today during the LOBOT time that is the London Open. 

Click to Enlarge

Why I Use The Triple Screen Layout and Why YOU TOO MUST Use this Layout

Why The LOBOT Method? 

  • I have spent the last 3 years perfecting this method.
  • It is a fusion of all my trading ideas and experience.
  • It is a combination of AIMS trading methods and strategies. 

Accuracy: 70% or above (based on my trades)

Profit Loss Ratio: 1:2 (PF =2.0) We want to get in and out quickly. 

Average Winners are 3 times Bigger than Average Losers: 

You can maintain an average winner of 17 pips compared to an average loser of just -6 pips. 

These are some of the results we recorded over the last month or so. 

$679.31 Friday 28 August 2020

Do I Have to Pay Extra to Acces Lesson 16?
This Brand New Trading Method has been made available to all of you Proud Owners of AIMS Premium Membership. [No Extra Payment Required] 
Your Membership Product Name Should Read: NEW Premium Membership 

How to Find out if I can Access Lesson 16?
Step 1. 
Go to Your Profile Page here
Check Active Subscriptions as shown below 

Eligible Subscriptions are 
1. NEW Premium Membership
2. Premium Plus Chatroom 
3. Chatroom Add on 

Not Included
1. Guest / Free Account
2. AIMS Forum Premium (Before 2017)
3. Standard Membership (disbanded)

How to Access the Strategy? 
Please login to your membership area (Dashboard) 

Course Table of Content:
Lesson 1: The Strategy (in Text) Includes the rules, conditions etc
Lesson 2: The Chart Layout 
Lesson 3: An Explanation of Seed and Waltz a LIVE CALL with SAM (Webinar) 
Lesson 4: The Pullback Entries on Multiple Time Frames 
Lesson 5: The Trend Candle And Micro Pullback Relationship
Lesson 6: The Premarket Highs and Lows – Important Levels for Lobot Method
Lesson 7: What is the Difference between a Pullback and Pause
Lesson 8: The Connection between a Seed and a Setup 1 
Lesson 9: Recap Videos and Live Trades with Commentary and Explanation
Lesson 10: The New Pullback Method: In-depth Tutorial 
Lesson 11: Difference between Setup 1 and New Hunt Method [LIVE TRADES]
Lesson 12: Would I Trade this Signal?
Lesson 13: Live Trade Mediation 
Lesson 14: Price vs Indicators (Added 10 Sep 2020)
Lesson 15: Triple Screen Chart Layout (Added 11 Sep 2020) 

Also Check out my Latest 3 Screen Layout Here

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