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The SEED Strategy


It is the name of our New Strategy that allows us to take advantage of very low initial risks with potential for huge profits. The SEED is an Intraday cum Swing Trading strategy for trading the forex markets. With only 8 minutes per day, you can squeeze out almost all the pips from intra-day, daily and weekly markets.

It ticks all the boxes a successful trading system must have. 

  • 100% OBJECTIVE  Entry System (Anyone can see whether there is a Long or Short Signal – No  confusion)
  • 100% OBJECTIVE Money and Trade Management Plan. 
  • It is Built on a concept we already trade on a daily basis. 
  • It is simple yet very powerful. 
  • It has no Lagging Indicators. 
  • It allows us to take Entries with Very Low Initial Risk  with Unlimited Potential for Profits. 
  • It is integrated approach that allows you to trade at Pivot Point of Time Frames 
  • It allows us to USE SL Distance equal to that of M1/M5/m15 Time frames  but 
  • It allows us to take profits equal to that of H1/H4/D1 Time Frames
  • e.g. 10 Pip Stop Loss with over 100 pips average winners.
  • It has a statistically proven profit factor of 1.31 (in the long run if you take all the signals regardless you would make $130 for each $100 spent) 

It has the least amount of screen time making you Work Less and Making Your Money Work Hard for you.
Work Less Make More by Minimizing screen time and prolonging trade times. Losing trades last minutes, winning trades could last months.

More on this inside AIMS Forum – The SEED is so great, its simplicity will make it hard for you to believe. Its like holding magic beans in your hands and not believing it can grow into a plant that can grow all the way to the heavens. The Seed when planted correctly and allowed to grow can bring multi-fold fruits of profits.


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