The Secret of Forex Trading Success is not what you think it is

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Firstly I’d like to say, Happy thanksgiving 🦃 to my friends in the United States. Hope you all have great fun. 

I’d like to ask you this…

👉 Have you ever wondered why so many traders have no clue what works and what doesn’t?

👉 Have you ever done a thorough analysis of your trades to find out what’s going on? 

👉 Do you know which market is your favorite and why? 

👉 Do you know your win rate? Do you know your profit factor? Do you know which market is best FOR YOU? 

Today I’d like to share with you a GREAT LESSON I learned while I was asking the above questions. 

I want to share a very important lesson I’ve learned just this month. It is …THE IMPORTANCE OF STATS
At the start of this month, I had nearly decided to not trade the US30 at all ever again. 😡

I thought it was hard to trade because I thought it is “spiky” and I don’t make money on it.🤦‍♂️

Instead, I thought the US100 or the Nasdaq is smoother and much better. But I could not make this decision just like that. 

To make such a decision you need to know a few objective facts. Subjective and emotional analysis alone won’t help. 

Therefore, I simply couldn’t stop trading US30. I noticed that during this month it always attracted me and provided an opportunity to trade. So I did. 

I carried on trading US30 as well as Nasdaq at the US Open all this month.
Now that I am on holiday and sitting relaxed I decided to go deep and do a thorough analysis of all the trades.

THE RESULTS SHOCKED MEI found that US30 is not bad at all. In FACT, It is actually my BEST market. Here are the results from one of my conservative trading account. This is a $50K account and it grew significantly this month. 

US30 Results for Nov 2021 on $50K (Conservative Strategy):

Win Rate: 78%. (shockingly high)
Total Profit: 12% (Challenge account holders will dream of this) 
Profit Factor: 5.28 (Which means for every $ lost I made a whopping $5.28)

The chart below shows, US30 trades only.

Notice that I only have one losing day on this market. at one point I had an incredibly long winning streak of 21 trades. 

The figure below shows some more details. 
Total trades taken are 33. 
Best Trade is simply a 2R trade of $1076 and. (2% of 50K account) 
Worst Trade in dollar amount is simply a -1R ($447). (1% of 50K account) 

But… How can I Learn to Trade like this?
Let me tell you how… First, though, I know that these are my results and mine only. I know it takes time to get to a certain performance level. But the one thing I can assure you 100% is this: 

1. You can do it too. 
2. Anyone can do it but…
3. Nobody can do it without  the following 3 things 

a) A solid trading strategy (I can give you that ) 

b) Detailed Record of Each and Every Trade with pictures and analysis (I can show you how)

c) Trading Journal both private and/or public. (I can give you this space and technique) 

So, this is my THANKSGIVING message to you.

You can do it and I have the perfect indicator for this. I call this THE BANANA INDICATOR.

Come and GET IT!  60% OFF DEAL IS ON >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Oh and yes! Here is the result for the BANANA indicator if traded automatically without any bias.

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