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The Holidays are OVER!!! and Trading Begins…

The Holidays are OVER!!! and Trading Begins…

Hi All

Oh the summer was beautiful this year… wasn’t it? And now its all rainy and cold but so what? Our AIMS Stress Free Trading Charts are keeping us warm and always laughing.

Here are some charts from September the Great. I know this might seem a bit boring to some of you because its just the same kind of pictures over and over. And yes, it is true. Trading is not about inventing the wheel over and over or trying to solve a new equation everything. Its not about solving complicated problem or analysis that takes ages. Its about learning how to be “a brick layer”. Yes, a brick layer uses the same technique of laying the bricks day in and day out. He does not invent a new more efficient technique everyday. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it Right?

Trading is about finding a good strategy, that works (such as AIMS Stress Free Trading, woohoo you’ve found it!!!) and having the discipline to apply it and that’s it.

Easy said than done, I know but thats the truth. Trading MUST be simple because its not always easy. If you make it complicated its going get even harder.

We present to you a simple strategy that works and it works brilliantly. JOIN NOW

The above picture’s borrowed from an AIMS Member who’s pretty new to the system but immediately got the hang of it and doing pretty well in my books! Wel done mate… 

The Above picture is from a Journal Inside AIMS forum, maintained by a veteran AIMS Member and seems that his trades and mine are nearly the same. Its same technique, same great results. Well done to him… 

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