Mid week update – FTSE100 – EURJPY – EURUSD DAX

Another lovely Trade on the euro yen. The euros are dropping in general and we are still holding our short on the #EUR/USD #EURODOLLAR as well as we entered anotehr short on the euro yen but thinking of getting out soon.

We think the FTSE100 will drop further down to 6534 and below 

DAX this am, got us some 40 plus points. Dax is our bread and butter these days. So easy to trade using AIMS Scalping Method. 

We analyse our charts and take positions and then share them in the forum as above. These pre and post and mid trade analysis really help us hone our skills and new traders can learn alot. 
In this picture here you see now that the trade has developed and into his final stage
This happened during the time I was posting this here. What a blessing… thank you thank you thank you… 

AIMS Stress Free Trading – http://www.iTradeAIMS.com

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