Market Secrets Podcast Episode Number 3: The One Special System

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The One Special System

It’s 5 am, I’m up before the alarm clock goes off. I want to be on my desk at 6 am. Highly excited.
Get out of bed with right foot first and say, “thank you”.

When you love your work it’s not toil anymore. It is not work anymore. Because, you look forward to doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

I was excited, sometimes overexcited. I could not wait to start to trade, my One Special System…
Working for the local govt in social services department was not much fun but it was a good “secure job” here in Birmingham, UK. But that is not why  I woke up early. I did that because I wanted to check charts and set my orders before I head out for work.

I always wanted to make more money. So, I started to invest in the financial markets as a side hustle. Besides any extra income would be more than welcome especially when a baby was on “her” way.

I was looking for the Holy Grail of making money in the financial markets without any hard work.

And that search lead to this “Amazing Discovery”.

It was claimed this system provided 100% accurate and amazingly profitable trading signals. I had £16,000 invested into it. And frankly, I could not wait to put more money into it.  Because…

It was too good of an opportunity. At the time I could not believe my luck. I was only one of the 100 lucky people who had access to this extremely rare algorithm.

It was so easy. The software was TOP Secret algorithm. Protected with  a special usb encryption Key. It worked only when the usb key was in its place otherwise it won’t work.

Afterall it was a very valuable and top secret software. That is why they only selected a few people to share with. So, I kept my Special Key right next to my pillow while I slept.

The Signals were created by this proprietary algorithm that was running on their “super powerful servers”. The servers constantly monitored the global financial markets 24hrs 7 days a week.

Did I mention this system was available to just lucky 100 people on the planet I was one of them. 😊
This System was so good it  Quadrupled my account in the space of 4 weeks.

Yes, my £16,000 turned into £66,469. I could not believe my luck. 

I felt so excited and lucky. I was dreaming of buying my dream car and moving to a bigger house 🤑 . I kept this little secret to myself until one day this happened …

Something went terribly wrong… 

Would you like to find out what went wrong? Are you interested to find out how I dealt with it? How in the world did I not see this coming? Did the market crash?

If so then look for my email tomorrow. I’m going to share with you what happened and how I discovered a powerful solution. Quadrupling your account is nothing in front of this. 

So, look for tomorrow’s email. The subject line is “Can we Turn £66,469 into £265,876‬?” 
AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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