How to Trade the Wave 3 for HUGE PROFITS

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o understand the Wave Concept you soon realize that the Gem of this Treasure is the Wave 3. This is the biggest most powerful wave. And the next logical step for most trades is to ask this next consequential question. And so… You will ask this question and soon discover that you have to ask another question.

How to spot Wave 1 and 2.  The reason you will ask this question naturally is that these are the two waves that come before The big hero that is the Wave 3. Because you need to see Wave 1/2 in order to position yourself into Wave 3.

So the question then is, How to spot wave 1-2…

How to Spot wave 1-2?

The answer is disappointing to some but in reality, it’s very interesting. So the answer is that

“the way to find wave 1-2 easily is…
That There is no easy way. But hold on, keep reading…. ” 

Lets first ask, Why is this a question? Why do we ask this question?

The question is raised because we see these beautiful often elusive wave 3’s. And we want to GET IN into those waves to make the most amount of profit. We all want to catch that BIG TRADE. Because we know that the market moves, roughly in 5 waves. Well, not really but it’s a great lie that really works. trust me. What we all agree on is that the third wave is always the biggest strongest waves. And it is always wave 1 and wave 2 that leads to wave 3.

And that is why you want to know where is wave 1-2. 

So is there a way to do that?Answer: A Yes and a No.

Wave 1  2 often occurs during the Sideways market or at the peak of terminating waves. Both spots are very risky and difficult to spot and catch.

We have an easier BETTER more profitable and Powerful way to trade The Illusive WAVE 3.

How to NOT Trade Wave 3 yet trade it at the same time. 

Yes, We don’t trade wave 3, yet we do trade it. Paradoxical? You bet it is. But the answer is very simple and exciting. So, we trade Wave 5 and within that, we catch wave 3.  That is because Wave 5 is an impulse wave. And within each impulse wave, there is ALWAYs a wave 3 of a certain degree. Step 1: The way to do that is simply let the Big Wave 3 happen.
Step 2: Let it turn into wave 4 and thenStep 3: Now that you know wave 4, position yourself and trade into wave 5. We use a trading pattern that we lovingly call AIMS The Setup One.Using Setup 1 you will always get into wave 3 of Wave 5. So you’ll be trading Wave 3 but within wave 5. This is a very high profitability strategy. It will give you a win rate of 70%When you spot 3 and 4  you’re able to make sense of where “was” wave 1 and 2. It’s not confirmed until you see a 3 and 4. So going into a new 3 is difficult unless you do a bit more work. And we don’t like more work. We like things simple.

Simply Trade Setup 1. The NEW Setup 1. We have redefined Setup 1 in 2017. This setup 1 gives us over 70% success rate. Here are some examples  of the Perfect Setup 1 

The Setup one on the AO or The AIMS Wave Oscillator Indicator
Picture of a perfect setup one trade on the USDCAD M1 chart
a $3000 profit setup 1 trade
A trade on the Canadian Dollar USDCAD with $772.40 and $220 Profit

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