Going into Stage 2

Its been 3 Months… Time Flies for real 

I have been looking at this blog for 3 months and never felt like making a new post. And why should I? I feel that, all there is to know and do has been said and done. But… today I felt the need to update the readers about our Three Months Challenge. It was great fun.

Why and What is The 3 Months Challenge? 

What we are doing right now inside AIMS Community is helping each other achieve consistency. Its all about consistency. Hence we introduced the 3 Month Challenge. Its over now. And we learned a lot about trading and ourselves.

When you join as a Premium Member the first thing we suggest you do is get your trading plan ready. We have a section in the premium section where you can download a template and then later compare it to a sample trading plan to get you started. We believe it is very important because almost all of the losing traders don’t have a good written plans or they have written a static plan and forgot about it.The three month challenge helps you write a plan and then review it at the end of the challenge. This will help you assess what have you achieved and based on that you can move forward into the next phase of your trading business.

What did we Learn and what is next?

Based on what we learned during Stage 1 (The Three Month Challenge Start 04 Jan 2016 to 31st of March 2016) we have gone into Stage 2. This stage builds on the previous learning. If you complete stage 1 and achieve your set goals you’ll excel towards the next phase but if you failed to achieve, no problem, give yourself another 3 months and give it another shot before you move to stage 2.

Stage 2 Began 4th of April for some of us but others have decided to redo stage 1 for another 3 months. Don’t worry though, as we The AIMSters will be with you along the way every step of your journey via Skype Live Trading Room and the constantly growing AIMS Forum.

Stage 2 means you’ve accomplished your goals and objectives of stage 1 and now you will review and modify your Trading Plan to reflect the learning and create new goals. e.g. MZ learned that his personality requires him to trade a system that keeps him busy. So his strategy is trade AIMS Setups that occur more often keeping him busy. He wants a busy chart that helps him remains focused on his chart for a period of 1-2 hrs. He learned during stage 1 that slower charts don’t fit his style because he loses focus. Others love the slower charts it helps them remained focused and relaxed.

What is your Style?

If you don’t know what is your style don’t worry because you will learn about your style or discover your style because of your experimentation of stage 1. You are a scientist if you apply this principle.

Some people like slow charts with less signals, we have The Hunt strategy for Stage 1. Which is slow, objective, methodical and very profitable. But that does not necessarily mean that it will fit every traders personality so we have The Fruit and The Classic Setup which gives you more signals and keeps your busier just like MZ likes it.

So Join us and Start your Own 3 Month Challenge TODAY 

Let us take you to the other side and guide you every step of your way… 
May the Joy be with you!!! 
AIMS Stress Free Trading – http://www.iTradeAIMS.com

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