Changes to Trading Room Schedule

There are a few changes I’d like to bring to this trading room and create some schedules.

I love to share and teach which is why I do that a lot more than I should be doing. It is not even helpful when it’s actually time to trade. I am ADHD and I continue to lose focus. So I will bring about the following changes to remedy the issues of losing focus yet be able to share my trade ideas and analysis with everyone.

  1. I will be in the chatroom on Tuesday and Thursday Only for full-on chat and stream etc.. We will have at least 1 hr of chat on the discussion channel. at 10.00 UK.
  2. I will be actively sharing ideas and analysis through the rest of the week
  3. I will NOT TEACH in the Trading Room Anymore other than the 2 days. All the teaching is available in the videos and the courses.
  4. I will be posting my signals and analysis throughout the day.
    It is up to the members here to provoke thought and share their knowledge.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, chat and help and support everyone. We are only a few people so that should not be a trouble.

All the best, I wish you all a GREAT Weekend.

This Change will come into effect Week beginning Monday 17th of May 2021

Ps: I will NOT be Trading the Right at the Open anymore. I will be Taking a Break from the LOBOT and NEOBOT at the OPEN. Instead I will be focused on the M5 chart and If the Setup is right only then I might trade the first M5 candle of the DAX30 and probably wait for clear signal on the US30 at their respective open times.

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