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Am I a real trader?

Am I a real trader?

Talk to me! Ask me question. And find out for yourself how much I know about the markets. Well, to be honest, its actually very little that I know about the markets because this thing of simplicity does not have a lot to it. Its simple. Its made of Ticks and we see those ticks on a chart of candles and bars. To which we then add derivative indicators based primarily on the data sent tick by tick from broker to our platforms.

But ask me how “YOU” are going to trade the market. I don’t know anything. You guessed it right yes, I don’t know you. I don’t know who you are. I am NOT YOU. We create our own reality. So you have the power to create your own. Only you can “Decide”  , only YOU can “CHOOSE” how much money you want to make in trading. So what should you do? Find out how what is your worth in your eyes? Do you think you deserve to be Rich? Do you even believe that it’s ok to be Rich, Filthy Rich as they say? How does it make you feel when you “imagine” being extraordinarily rich? It’s a deep question. Look deep inside. Do you love yourself or hate yourself?

Trading is at least 80% Mental 

Is the market a friendly place? Einstein was asked, “what is the most important question we should ask?”, he replied, “is the universe a friendly place”? What do you think?

I suggest you find yourself. Find who you REALLY are. Someone said, ” Market is an expensive place to find out who you really are”. We can find ourselves outside of market and when we have found who we really are, we will listen to our “nurtured” “cultivated” heart and trade what we see not what we think. There comes a time when you “know without knowing how you know”. It comes with daily meditation. I will share my routine in the near future. Something that will help you find who you really are.

ps: I’m still finding more and more about who I am, it seem to be an endless but extremely joyful experience. Would you like to start your journey?

Edit: 16 Jan 2019
A part of me feels a bit embarrassed another a bit upset. But I won’t change it. That is the record of what I thought and what I was at that time. Was I simply trying to fill a page so that I could post something on my blog? or was I really feeling those feelings and communicated it as it is. Was I not capable of communicating properly? Was my command of English in the way?. I am, at least, proud to say that it’s been 7 years since I wrote that. How many of us actually write things?  

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