6 Percent Growth Today Trading EUR/USD for AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy

Today was one of those days that you do not want to end. The market was in full swing. It moved nicely, in both directions. AIMS Stress Free Trading System was able to give us signals in either direction. There really were no Rents to be paid to day. The day began with a nice 25 pipper on EUR/USD picture below. There was also a setup on GBP/USD to top up your earnings.

Cable from Yesterday the 18th of July for a 34 pips or 3.4% account gain.

A Lovely M5 setup caught on GBP/JPY

A H1 trade on UJ that was called out for everyone to take. There are add-ons from other time frames on the chart.

Follwoing is a Setup/Trade taken with an addon on the 16th of July for a handsome 3.6% account growth within 20 minutes. 
USD/CAD it looked like slighly bigger risk to start with but went with the flow. Its done better now. Currently sitting at 40pips profit at the time of writing (photo is earlier)

~A Rather aggressive entry on EUR/GBP yesterday, and added on today using Double Arrows and AIMS levels to the left to maximise ROI.

A Great Setup yesterday on the Aussie, which I missed. (Filtered) But AIMS Stress Free Trading’s AIMS Entry Alert V6 did a great job here too.

AIMS Stress Free Trading – http://www.iTradeAIMS.com

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