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How we Got in on BitCoin at $9750 Price Now $11690

The current price of BitCoin is $11690. 4 Days ago we received a Signal, our  beloved Fruit Signal, The Adam’s Apple Signal. It’s a highly evolved calculated and tested idea. This concept is so awesome it gets you into the Next Wave 5 (The Next Trend) exactly Where the previous

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London Open DAX M1 – The Story So Far

Today, the open was not as exciting as we like. There was no major breakouts etc. The 2 Hr window passed without even a valid signal. It was when Jozef finally left, it did what we look for. I don’t know if you will understand the info on the picture

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Cable Analysis [For AIMSters]

Just thought I’ll share a screenshot of our analysis on what we are looking at. #GBP/USD GU analysis: Its done its 3 days of Wave 3, now perhaps 1-2 days Wave 4, we will be looking to get into a Wave 5 using Apple and Classic Add ons, or classic

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Simplify Simplify Simplify

I’d like to say a few thing for you to ponder upon this weekend. Just at the back of you mind while you’re having fun with lots of things in your life. Markets are simple. Their movements are simple. But our minds are not simple. However it is our duty,

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