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How to Count Elliott Waves on Multiple Time Frames

You will Learn:
1. What is the Principle C and how to Use it to Make Entries into the Next Wave?
2. How to Count Elliott Waves Quickly and correctly without spending too much time?
3. How to Use Multiple Time Frame Analysis to Increase your Chances of Successful Winning Trades?

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USDCHF Could Fly into Wave 5 Up – Setup 1 Alert

The Swissy had a good strong wave 3 up during parts of March and April this year.  It then completed its pullback of Wave 4 back into the purple during may nad parts of June and stayed in a tight sideways AIMS Box within june and this month of July

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Doing the same thing for years – IT WORKS

Simple Tidy Setup 1 entries will do you a lot of good. No need to invent a new method every week or month. We’ve been trading this same method sine 2009. It works … Some lovely trade ideas on #eur/jpy #usd/ujpy #usd/chf today Here is euro yen. A lovely Setup

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The Famous BAR Setup

We have what we call the Famous Bar Setup. This is a setup that one can find using the very easy to monitor end of day charts. Well, since we trade Forex our charts usually stay on from Sunday night to Friday night . We sit at 10pm uk in

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