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Winners Vs Losers Analysis

Winners Vs Losers Analysis

The following is an image of a trader’s winners vs Losers analysis on an hourly basis.

The traders has a track record of 50% win rate at 10 am which is London Open

but 70% Losers during the 1600 hrs which is US Session.


What time should this trader be trading?

This trader trades the DAX30 / German 30 Stock Index at the London Open and Later he trades US30 / DJIA / Dow30 during the US Session. 

Now Let’s Compare to that, the following. 

This is an image of a trader’s performance by the hour. She trades the DAX30 only. Mostly during the first hour of the London Session.

Look at the Stats on the screenshot and then Question …

Does this trader even need to trade past the first hour of the London Session?

Have you ever done an analysis of your performance like this?

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