3 Trades that helped pass $200,000 Funded Account Challenge (FTMO – MyForexFunds)

The 3 Trades that helped me win myforexfunds $200,000 Forex Funded Account, Can you see the similarities?
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These are the three trades which helped me pass the MyForexFunds $200,000 Forex Funded Account Challenge.

I would like to challenge you to find what is the common theme among these trades. I will then show you the losing trades that I could have avoided easily but didn’t.

Trade 1: This is the Trade that helped me hit the $10,000 (5%) Target. At the time I was down $4000 on the account. And in one day, I made $14,600 to win the challenge.

Trade 2

This is a trade I took on the USDJPY and it was a 6.2R Trade. Meaning, I had risked $1000 to make $6257 profit. Had I taken full 1% risk, I would have passed the challenge on that day, but I can’t always take 1% risk. There are other factors involved.
This is a Trade I took on the EURUSD. It was an obvious sell trade when the ECB decided to keep the interest rates as it is and the market did not like that. Euros were sold heavily. The seed signal was worth at least 1:15 but I took a mere 1:3 winner. I was scared and moved the stop loss too tight, news at 1.30 pm, tapped the stop loss and then went and hit the 5R target. Had I allowed this trade to hit my original target, (off the daily charts) I would have won the challenge in one trade with $15,000 profit.

Now the question is, can you spot the difference or similarities? If yes, please do comment below.

MyForexFunds Account Dashboard shwoing Evaluation Phase 2 Passed

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