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When was the Last Time You Had 50 Pips on M1?

When was the Last Time You Had 50 Pips on M1?

I share here a trade that we took live in our group. Erik got 43, Jim got 35, Kaye got 50+, Ed Got 20 and I got 26. Say Setup Same Entry different Exits?

That is because we are human beings. We trade our own individual belief system. Entries can be always the same yet exits will be all different. I had targeted the AIMS levels to left as my plan for the trade, so i had to follow it. Well Executed Well done to me, Erik followed his own belief system and got 43, Jim exited on his own idea or “concrete line” (not explained here) Ed had a perspective from pivot lines (I dont give a shit about pivots, not that they dont work, they do but we cannot use everything). In the end it was a “Picasso” trade.

Watch how M5 Gator open its mouth and got read for Setup 2. We on the other hand took advantage of Setup 1 and entered even earlier than M5 could make an entry. and by the time m5 had exit signal we had a better one. Ideally 60 pips were possible from this massive drop. 

I also took m5 on my m5 account. Entry on M5 Setup2 exit trailing candles. (We trail when price moves too fast too far away from green line.)


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