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What’s New in V5?

What’s New in V5?

New Interesting Features of AIMS Stress Free Trading V5

It was our AIM to incorporate all the questions of The Setup Flow Chart into the indicators. A Big Thanks goes to Steve for taking this project up on a voluntary basis. He’s done a service to us all. Steve is a busy man yet he dedicated his entire Christmas holiday period to this development. He learned how to code in MQL within few weeks and then applied his knowledge to enhancing AIMS Indicators. A True Genius and Selfless Service. You m/ ^:)^ 

AIMS Waves is the new AIMS AO 

1. New Name 
AIMS AO has been renamed. Its new name is AIMS Waves Indicator. 
The Market Moves in Waves and AIMS Waves shows those waves very accurately.
The Structure of the Market is Elliott Wave and Elliott Wave can be counted within 10 seconds using AIMS Wave. 

2. The Cross of Zero Line and Close to Zero Line
AIMS Waves and its cross of Zero Line is a very important factor in AIMS Stress Free Trading System. 
The newbies in specific always ask the question, “how close is close to zero line”. 
Well, now at least on M1 and M5 by default you should always know what is close to zero line. When AO Bars turn Orange you can consider it as being Close to Zero Line. This is a customisable setting. It is different for each time frame and currency pair. But for EUR/USD M5 and M1 you dont need to change anything. 

AIMS Box V5 is the New AIMS Levels

1. New Name
AIMS Box is the new name for AIMS Levels Indicators

2. AIMS Box Zoom-in Issue Fixed 
AIMS Levels does not show as a shaded background when zoomed in one step. My friend TMM first called it the AIMS Cage. (rofl) Well its fixed now. No matter what level of zoom you’ll always see a shaded box. 

3. AIMS Levels Covered all the other indicators
Previously if you attached AIMS Levels indicator to your chart last in order it would cover the other indicators. This issue is now resolved. It always appears at the bottom. 

4. Tentative AIMS Level or Repaint Issue
The New AIMS Box prints only when a 5 candle fractal is confirmed. Previouly AIMS Level would print at the end of 4th candle. Now when an AIMS Level now called AIMS Box is printed it is confirmed and will not repaint. 

5. AIMS Box Too Big
When an AIMS Box is too big, i.e. more than 15pips it is not a good idea to take a trade. I would always check t his distance using cross hair. Not anymore. You can set the max box in pips and AIMS Box will show a light colour box telling you visually that the box is more than your set number of max pips. It can be set to different numbers depending on time frame and currency pair. 

AIMS Entry Alert V5 

1. New Name
The new name for this one is truly a real meaningful change. Its now called AIMS Entry Alert. I know some of you might say well it was entry alert all along. The sound alert always said, Euro Dollar ‘RED DOT’…. now it says Sell Alert or Buy Alert following by Currency name and time frame. Whats the difference? Its truly an Entry Alert. Whenever you hear Sell Alert or Buy Alert you really need to look for a potential setup in that direction. 

2. Purple Filter
The Entry Alert allows for by default to filter all the dots against the purple. This feature can be switched on and off. While I do not recommend trading against purple there may be others who just love trading against it for whatever reasons. 

3. Is the Dot Candle Inside AIMS Box?
This rule has always been there for the dots since the inception of dots. However Grant made it a part of the Flow Chart. An excellent choice in my opinion. We have now included that a part of the dots entry indicator. A different colour dot is printed when the dot candle penetrates a High (for Blue Dot) or Low (for Red Dot). Obviously this means wait for a fresh aims levels before considering taking a trade. 

4. More Support for Other Pairs
Support for other pairs and time frames. It covers 9 pairs from M1 to D1 as standard. 
If you need sounds for other pairs just put in a request and those shall be made available for a tiny cost. 

5. Backtesting Help – Draw Vertical Lines and Time Stamps
If you’re interested in backtesting you can turn on the abvoe features. It prints a vertical line along each dot with a time stamp if you wish so. It makes your job easier and quicker.
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