We had a discussion (A Webinar type of thing!!!)

Last night we had a talk about how to trade our system. We briefly went over the following
1. The system – What is Alligator, AO and AIMS
2. The setup  – What is the saddle point –
3. How we count Elliott wave
4. Exits
5. How to avoid Whipsaws

I thought I’ll share with everyone. Here is the link to that session I hope you can see it. Personally I think it was a good reminder for myself. When I talk about the setup it triggers thoughts that forms my belief system. I feel very refreshed this morning. I hope it helps you understand the “underlying” structure of the market.
Note: Its not a you tube type video. When you click on the link it would download some stuff and a proper full screen webinar will begin exactly as we saw it on our screens. I must say the quality is really good.

If you could please send your comments to itradeaims@gmail.com I’d really appreciate that.

btw: a Beautiful 5th wave has begun on USD/CFH. We took off the break of AIMS on H4 Chars

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