Watch Me Trade Live Today 1st of Oct 2019 [DAX 30]


So, I found There was a Setup 1 forming on DAX30 so I took the trade. Posted image / signal in my Chatroom and then thought, why not record the session. So below is a Trading Session, Watch Me Trade Live. 

I have not stopped talking for 30 minutes lol so hopefully it should cover some good points.

Here is The Video … 
Watch Immy Trade Live: You will Learn in this Session: 
1. What is Setup 1
2. What is ATM
3. How to Manage Live Trades with Stress Free Mindset
4. How to remain calm and relaxed during live trades
5. How to move SL to a better location
6. How to re enter the market if need be.

I just managed to record my London Session. The Market did not do much in the beginning so I waited and later drifted away from the chart.

I took a Trade , a Cherry Signal on the AUD/JPY and went away for Breakfast.

I Posted the trade into my chatroom.

here is the image

This AIMS the Hunt Cherry Signal. This is a fantastic 3rd Strategy of AIMS stress free trading. We love trading the Hunt Method.

Anyway the Trade was turned into a Breakeven Trade and later stopped out at BE.

Price moving towards BE level

AJ price hit Break even level ATM Moved SL to BE on Auto

At this time it was time for Breakfast. So knowing ATM is doing the job, I’ll hit the breakfast club.
Came back and saw that trade was exited for BE. That is exactly according to plan. so nice one ATM thank you snorm and then I looked at DAX and Found out there was a Setup 1.


AIMS Stress Free Trading –

2 thoughts on “Watch Me Trade Live Today 1st of Oct 2019 [DAX 30]”

  1. Hi Immy,

    Really interesting watching the trade you put on with Setup 1.

    What I found most interesting was being caught in a price action traffic jam… When momentum is slow price just meanders around stuck here and there with an occasional impulse candle spurting in either direction.

    The lesson that I walked away with is that maybe it is better to put the trade on managed with ATM and come back to see if the wave finally figured out what to do all on it’s own.

    With this trade Wave 5 would have finally gotten out of that traffic jam and moved on to where the TZ was waiting for it to come to. For me it is to unnerving to sit and watch and try and figure out what that jumping bean is going to do.

    Having said that I realize that I need much practice on that 80% of trading, but this video may have just given me the partial answer to achieving close to that psychological 80% discipline. A Set up is a Set up and the rest is up to the universe…


  2. Hey Bhands

    Yes, exactly. Automation is the KEY.

    The method is highly bactested and forward tested, and the results have 3 expected outcomes. Even with such predictability it churns out 5% per T20 on average.

    Once you have access to a high win rate and reliable strategy like the Setup 1, there really is nothing to worry about. specially when you can automate the trade management bit. because frankly it's usually not the strategy nor the market but the traders discipline that destroys accounts.

    And traders most often fail during one important aspect of trading besides correct risk management. and that is Trade Management. when you automate it, it's REALLY STRESS FREE…

    thanks for the reply …



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