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US Session DAX Report 11 Jan 2018

I had a very long conversation with Michal in the Skype group. This member has been with us for ages. Still trying to get to that point in trading. But today we made a lot of progress. Man my fingers are hurting from typing for hours in a trot.


The Afternoon saw a breakout to the downside. The H1 chart was showing potential for shorts. The general consensus from that point of view was shorts. And when that is true, it does not mean you won’t have long trades/setups on the M1 but that experience tells us that when HTF is trending in a certain direction, the moves on the shorter time frame will always be strong and powerful in that direction. So we traded only Sell side because that’s where we got the signals. 

Below you will see a Setup that I entered slightly late.


Notice that there is a Monarch Seed short signal as well. Michal took that and got 2R. Well done Michal.

Stop Loss Moved to BE by our DEAR ATM by Steve of (

SO Close to TP …

Candle Trail Begins . I decided to trail candles seeing that it went down quick but missed Take profit level.

and more trail

Stopped out on Candle Trail for 1R profit.

Result: 1R Profit DS 1 Total DS 7/8

Seed Short into Wave 5

Po (Pending Order)


SL Moved to BE

Exit: BE   DS 1  Total DS 8/9

Note: it takes a lot more time and effort recording and publishing the trading activity than trading itself. But its worth it. 


This is the trade that made 2.5R profit nicely and quickly. 

Everyone thought it was over. But I say, when market is moving “be aggressive” when its going sideways and not moving be very passive. 

Setup 1 Strong Breakout … It was New York Session and market was moving, what do you expect? 
Strong move down… we always say, “the one that goes, it goes” 
Exit and and Result: 2.5R profit .. Positive slippage in our favour. ~thanks market. And my awesome brokers 
Result: DS 1 2.5R Profit Total DS 9/10. 
Well done to Jozef and Michal for great trades today. 
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