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Introduction to iTradeAIMS The Box Indicator - The Trading View Version (View Here)

Here I will attempt to give a brief introduction to this amazing indicator that has revolutionised my trading since 2009.

Everything in the universe is energy and energy follows the path of least resistance. When it moves it heavily influenced by a structure.

When energy flows it reacts to the underlying structure. Electricity flows through copper wires easily compared to "my arm".

A river flows smoothly on flat plains of the land but becomes violent when flowing down a mountain. Why is this? Why does it change its behaviour?

The Science of Chaos Brings us here. Everything in the universe has an internal or underlying structure. That structure is often, but not always, hidden.

The Market has an underlying Unseen Structure. And it can be revealed by using this indicator. TSX:TSL

Anatomy of the Box

The iTradeAIMS Boxes are formed using the high and low of the fractals.

A new AIMS Box will be created whenever price makes a new high or low Fractal .

The bottom of the AIMS Box – the Lower AIMS Level - is created when a low Fractal is formed i.e. the low of a candle is lower than two candles to the left and two candles to the right.

What is the Underlying Structure of the Market?

The underlying structure of the Market is Elliott Wave.
And the Underlying Structure of the Elliott Wave is the Fractals.
This BOX is an indicator based on the Fractals.

The Upper and Lower Levels require a minimum of five bars with the top of the box being the upper Fractal ; the bottom of the box, the lower Fractal

The AIMS Levels are the high and low of the AIMS Box – the upper and lower Fractals.

This indicator, by itself, provided the concept that revolutionised my trading.

What are the Benefits of Using AIMS iTradeAIMS The Box?

1. Identify Trend:
The Box will also help you identify Trending Markets.
The Stepping Up pattern it creases is an indication of UPTREND.
The Stepping Down pattern indicates DOWNTREND.

2. Identify Entry Points
The Box will help you identify Entry Points into the market.
There are two ways it helps you make entries into the market.
a) breakout entry
b) trend following entry

3. Identify Range-Bound Market
The Box helps identify a sideways range-bound market.
When the box is not creating either a stepping up or stepping down pattern, it usually indicates to a sideways or rangebound market on that time frame.

4. Help you Make Entries: Calculate Correct Positions Size and Risk Size
The BOX is the structure of the market that offers the best method of How to calculate Risk Per Trade based on the market generated information.
Calculate your Entry Level and Stop Loss level using the Box Levels on either side of the box.

Buying the Box:
Set a Buy Order a Point above the Box and Stop Loss a point below the Box Low.

Selling the Box
Set a Sell Order a Point Below the Box Low and Stop Loss a Point Above the Box High.

TSLA Entries and Exits for Tesla Stock


I took this trade on the box high of this stock OII


I shared the Idea on TradingView as a Buy Signal on OII

OII - Buy $10.20 Target $11.80

Check the BitCoin Entry Here


5. Stop Loss Trailing Mechanism to Lock in Profits
The box levels are used for Trailing Stops.
For Long (Buy) Orders use the box low as a stop loss level for trailing and locking-in profits.
For Shorts (Sell) Orders, use the Box High levels for trailing stop and lock in profits.

6. Support and Resistance
The Box Levels (upper and lower) clearly shows support and resistance – where price approached a level and could not go further, forcing it to retrace on itself.
Pay attention to how box levels create ranges and also indicate trends.

How to Use this Indicator with other Indicators?
This indicator is great on its own but even greater if used in conjunction with iTradeAIMS The Wave and The Gator and The Magic Purple (Script Available FREE to use on iTradeAIMS Profile)

> The market always creates an AIMS Box before it turns around.

> Every trend starts and ends with an AIMS Box.

> Entries are always taken on the breakout of the AIMS Box.

How to Get Access to This Script?
Enjoy and accept it as my gift to the TradingView Community from iTradeAIMS | This Indicator is now available to everyone for FREE.

Credits: I learned the method from Bill Williams of All credits, thanks, gratitude, positive vibes, and prayers goes to Dr Williams 🥇 (RIP) and his family ❤.

Link to the TradingView Script Page:

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