Step 6 – Tips

Here are Some TIPS on T20 Recording:

1. The First post should contain your Trading Plan Copy and a bit of introduction about you.

2. Immediately afterwards you can have this Index post if you like.

3. Use the following template for recording each trade.

4. Make sure you record a single trade per post.

5. Make sure you use the "subject" field correctly.


Template for End of Batch Post

Review your Batch after the 20th Trade. This is a crucial step you must not ignore. All these trades you have taken are actually for this step.

REVIEW each Batch and record your feelings, observations and lessons have learned. You can use these lessons to Create Goals for Your NEXT batches.

Use the Following Template at the end of T20 Batch 1

1. Total DS for this Batch?
2. Feelings and comments?
3. What have I learned about my performance?
4. What will I do different in Next Batch?
5. Using my weaknesses or mistakes what goals should I create for the next batch?
6. How did the market perform during this batch?

You may add your own questions if you like.

That's it... On to the NEXT Batch.

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