Step 5 – Template

  • After creating your journal your next question should be
    "How to record a trade and what format should I use? 
  • We have that sorted for you too. Following is a trading journal template that you can use for each new post.

Below I have given a sample/template of how to record your trades.

Post Template for Recording Trades

You can save a link to this page Or copy this on to a Notepad (windows) [Download Empty Template]

Or save a shortcut to your desktop.

You may copy and paste this whenever you want to create a new post for recording trades.

1. Trade Number:
2. Date/Time:
3. Symbol/TF:
4. Signal Type / Direction :
5. Comments and Feelings at the Time of Taking The Trade:

6.Comments and Trades After Exiting the Trade:

7. DS For this Trade:
8. DS Running Total:

9. ADD YOUR PICTURE ... Add Attachment

Explanations of the Template:

1. Trade Number: [Enter Trade Number e.g. B1-T1 (Batch 1 Trade 2) ]
2. Date/Time: [Enter Date of the Trade]
3. Symbol/TF: [Enter Pair Symbol e.g. EUR/USD H1 ]
4. Signal Type / Direction : [Enter the type of signal and direction e.g. Setup 1 BUY]
5. Comments and Feelings at the Time of Taking The Trade: e.g. I saw the signal at the London Open. There is no news at this moment. I feel that the euro has been weak this week. All euro pairs are moving. I'm feeling a bit nervous as its my first trade but I am here to train for discipline. So I will try to be as objective as possible.

6.Comments and Trades After Exiting the Trade: I was feeling a bit nervous during the trade but I knew ATM is working I have taken the correct setup and so I will let the ATM manage the trade. I will not intervene so that I can grab a nice lean DS 1

7. DS For this Trade: 1
8. DS Running Total: 1 / 1 (100% )

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