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The Waltz Pattern [EXPOSED]- This is a VERY HIGH Probability Pattern

The Waltz Pattern [EXPOSED]- This is a VERY HIGH Probability Pattern

Would you like to know a very high probability setup? 

In the following chart you see a pattern we call AIMS THE Setup. Now you can identify AIMS The Setup using Candle Sticks ONLY. 
It’s a pattern that has, what we call, a Clear 3, followed by a 4 and then AIMS Entry ALERT produces this Red Dot Entry Alert. 
But we have another way of trading it. 
Suppose you missed the H1 setup, or you don’t trade the H1 time frame. Suppose you can only trade the 5 Minute Time Frame. You can use this Waltz pattern, H1/M5 combination to cherry pick only Very High Probability Setups. 
Benefits of Waltz Pattern: 
1. Less Screen Time
2. More Markets to follow
3. Cherry pick only very high probability setups and signals. 
Here is how to do it. 
First Learn to Identify AIMS The Setup One Pattern. [more on this inside AIMS members only section]
Second, learn the Waltz Pattern. 
Lets Expose the Waltz Pattern:
What to look for on H1 
Rule 1: Price is out of AIMS Box
Rule 2: AIMS Gator is Open and sloping clearly up or down. 
Rule 3. Look for Waltz Candle Pattern 
What is the Waltz Pattern:
It is a name given to a price formation. The Waltz pattern is made of 3-5 candles. If you took the Setup 1 pattern and squeezed it into just 2 candles, you’d see this pattern.  Wait for at least 1 Strong Impulse Candle then wait for at least 1 consolidation type, small, doji or IB candle. That is your WALTZ pattern. 
When you see the Waltz pattern drop to m5. Look for Setup 1. 
The following two charts shows the Waltz H1/M1 Setup 1 on EUR/USD Today 26th of March 2019. 

This is a GREAT  example of FRACTAL GEOMETRIC Trading. 

This H1 chart shows a great Setup 1, which you could take on h1. But after the H1 breakout, you could then trade the same pattern when it occurs on M5. 

This is M5 chart, that happened after the above breakout happened on h1 chart. Setup 1 on H1 and inside those last 5 candles on H1 chart above, you have a complete beautiful Setup 1 on this m5 chart 
Can you see it looks like both pictures might be of the same time frame. But they are not. The second picture. that of M5 time frame, is actually inside the the last 5 candles of the H1 chart. Its Fascinating fractal geometry. 
ps: can you see another Waltz on the M5 chart? hmmmm 
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