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How to be a Disciplined Trader

How to be a Disciplined Trader

The T20 Principle: How to become a Disciplined Trader with Minimum Effort

How do professional traders trade so well even under immense pressure? How are they able to manage multimillion-dollar accounts without getting constant panic attacks?

The answer is elegantly explained by Mark Douglas his book Trading in the Zone. Traders get too emotional. People usually have a weird relationship with money. I think, 95% of new traders suffer from this problem.

The problem of new traders is that they don’t have what is called The PROBABILISTIC MINDSET. Having this mindset is essential and absolute requirement for trading success. So how do you get into this mindset? Is there an effective practical way to acquire this mindset?

Yes! Indeed, We have a solution for this.

The Solution is The T20 principle. Because Following a T20 Training regime will help you achieve as below:

  • You will learn to become a highly Disciplined Trader.
  • You will learn to be more patient.

And these two things together will bring Consistency.


Acquire a Probabilistic Mindset 

How do you install the concept of the Probabilistic Mind into the trader’s brains? This means you treating your trading outcomes with probabilities in mind. You don’t judge every trade, rather you look to trade objectively a “set of trades”.  [remember school, the geometric sets etc.. etc] You know that for trading successfully you need a trading strategy that gives you a statistical advantage.

You also know that the outcome of individual trade matters not for the outcome of a single trade is “random” However, you are aware, that the outcome of a set of 20 trades is “quite predictable” and fits within the range of possible outcomes. You understand that the outcome of one trade is really random, yet the outcome of 100 trades is pretty much ordered and predictable.

The above cannot be true if you do not have a Trading Strategy or a Proven Trading System.We give you The Setup Setup Strategy. The Setup strategy uses a trade entry technique called The Setup one of S1 in short.  We have statistical proof, and you can backtest it yourself, which gives you, the trader, 66% winners per 20, 50 or 100 trades.

Armed with this useful information you can be confident that you are dealing with a method that will not let you down. The only thing now is that you don’t let yourself and the strategy down. 

What do I mean? Well, I mean that for a strategy to work in your favour, the trader must first conceptually understand the strategy. Only then can they learn to apply it to practical use and reap the benefits. 

Experience Being in The Zone [Risk-Free State of Mind]

A Risk-Free State of mind is a powerful state to achieve. This is yet another powerful point. To Acquire the Risk-Free State of Mind. Do you know that feeling of complete freedom and a “care-free” attitude?  Have you tried demo trading? Have you left a position unknowingly and came back to it a while later only to find a huge amount of fake profits in your account? You know what I mean right?

The demo trading mindset? One really does not care if this next trade is a winner or a loser? Right? You are able to exit trades so easily. I joke about it all the time. “I am the Demo(n) King”. I joked about it last year and a friend replied “ok so can you quadruple this demo account pointing at the tradingview paper-trading account. Long story short, I turned that 10K into 1.5 Billion. No joke, but yeah, a total joke.  I may be indeed, an undisputed and self-proclaimed KING of Demo. Aren’t we all?

So this usually happens during demo trading. This state of mind has a huge benefit. Why? Because it gives you the replica mindset of trading in the zone. If you’ve never experienced “The Zone” mindset. Try demo trading. The carefree fun type of feeling you get during “risk-free” demo trading, is how a trader feels when in “the Zone”. This is how you’d feel when you will be in the zone. That is the RISK-FREE STATE OF MIND.

The best way to do that is deliberate practice. Practical application of a simple strategy with a simple set of rules.Following the T20 Principle Training method, you will become a consistently profitable and highly successful trader. Once you acquire the proper mindset, essential for trading success, that is when you understand what it really means to trade like professional traders.

You acquire a probabilistic mindset. You become a confident trader. You will be confident because you will know exactly what is going to happen. You will know in a quantifiable way what are the possible outcomes that you might see. Your confidence is cumulative as it is based on your probabilities and past experiences.As you practice you will know it works and the more you know it works the more confident you become. Until finally you arrive at a stage where you enter the zone.

The zone,

where you acquire a “Carefree State of Mind”. At this stage you;

  • Don’t experience debilitating fear.
  • Cope with fear and stress easily.
  • Enter the zone easily.

Completing your first T20 batch is a MAJOR step towards acquiring that mindset. It’s a gradual process and success builds upon success however small the steps may be: it leads to the final destination… To Understand “The Concept of T20” Further and be ready to implement it and make it part of your trading plan, please download the T20 Book. Link Below.

What is The T20 Principle?

The T20 exercise is a way to Create New Habits and break old patterns of behaviours.

The important rule is

Don’t wait for it to “feel right.”

Improving your self-discipline means changing up your normal routine, which can be uncomfortable and awkward.

Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit, explains that habit behaviours are traced to a part of the brain called the basal ganglia – a portion of the brain associated with emotions, patterns, and memories. Decisions, on the other hand, are made in the pre-frontal cortex, a completely different area.

When a behaviour becomes a habit, we stop using our decision-making skills and instead function on auto-pilot. Therefore, breaking a bad habit and building a new habit not only requires us to make active decisions, but it will also feel wrong. Your brain will resist the change in favour of what it has been programmed to do.

Embrace the wrong.

Acknowledge that it will take a while for your new regime to feel right or good or natural. Keep chugging along. It will happen. Keep Hitting those setups, keep adding your DS1’s

5 Batches of T20 = 100 Trades. The T20 Principle requires you to take 100 (split into batches of 20 trades) Trades Using nothing but Setup 1 method. 

3 Major Benefits of the T20 Principle

It will do 3 things for you.

  1. You will learn the importance of consistency and patience in trading and it will make you more disciplined.
    • A Disciplined trader is a successful trader.
    • A good system is useless in the hands of a trader who lacks discipline.
  2. You will learn how to think like a professional trader.
    • Because this exercise should sow the seeds of a probabilistic mindset in your mental structure.
    • Most professional traders think in probabilities.
  3. You will start to think in probabilities.
    • You will begin to have a broader view instead of focusing on the result of a single trade.
    • Because for any given set of variables that gives you an edge, THE SETUP Strategy, for instance, wins and losses are randomly distributed.

The outcome for the next trade is random but the outcome of a set of 20 and 5 sets of 20 is quite “orderly” and mostly happens to be within a range of possible outcomes.

This will get you ready for Stage 2, which is the Hunt strategy.

It will be hard for most to understand why trade Hunt when we have perfect Setup 1 at our disposal. But… you will know in time… just keep going …

What happens after you’ve completed 5 Batches of T20?

When you will have completed your 5 batches of T20, the 100 trades, using setup 1 only, you will have “self-generated” enough data that is more valuable than any other data out there, created by others.

Yes, this will be your own data. The measure of YOUR performance.

Because it is your Data, it is more relevant and highly useful to you.

You will be able to plot those trades on your chart, from history.

And you can do a lot of things with that data. But one powerful thing from AIMS perspective is as follow.

Trading Setup 1 will help you get Ready for Stage 2.

To understand the Hunt method do this little trick. Now that you have your personal data of 100 trades (or in the future). You can plot the trades, the 100 trade on the time frame you have traded them. e.g. you took all 100 trades on the hourly time frame.

(and let me remind you, you must take all the trades within your T20 batches on the same time frame. A lot of traders ignore this point, I urge you not to)

After plotting the trades, you will switch the time frame to 4HR Chart (The next available higher time frame) Not, now, but when its time, that is when you have completed Stage 1, when you have completed 100 Trades, do this. Make sure you have installed your AIMS The Hunt indicators.

You will then find that 80% of your Setup 1 trades were, what we call, the perfect signals as per the rules of AIMS the Hunt Strategy.[Note: if you don’t understand this paragraph right now, it’s ok. Leave it now, you will come back to it later.]

You can do this exercise even without taking the trades but “actually” taking those trades will create a concrete understanding of this method.

And let’s not forget, the T20 principle has other benefits too.

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