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The Sniper

The Sniper

All day spent watching EU not putting a single trade. I just was not sure. I did not feel like it to put a trade. While I hit a nice H4 EJ Trade starting 120.10, I also managed an m5 setup. Later, quite late, I saw price broke out of a sleeping alligator. It was news time. I put a pending and let our AIMS Trading Manager do its thing.

The moooovie sniper is about a marine sniper killing “its” own men. While I do not support his mission what he did was something that resembles our, dare I say job, our GAME. We are snipers more like spiders. We sit at a comfortable spot and watch. But this waiting and watching is no easy job unless and until you fall in love with it. You cannot enjoy without loving it and you cannot love it without enjoying it. You gotta play it.

When you enjoy the surroundings, every sound, vibration is sensed, every thought is bounced back to its origin, blocked or rejected. Every move is calculated, limited and controlled. And as soon as the opportunity present itself, a sniper DOES NOT hesitate. For this moment contains the energy of the entire waiting period. You pull the trigger, after that if you’re a hunter you let the DOGS do their work. We have developed such dog. AIMS trade manager.

Picture of this hunt!

Setup 2 Example. 
Note that the Entry was taken after a properly opened up Alligator mouth. When the alligator’s mouth is open to above we are in some sort of Impulse wave and we trade aggressively until the mouth starts closing again and AO starts peaking and diverges. 

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Jay C.