The London AM Report 21 March 2019

Well I did not see anything setting up on the DAX M1 chart since it was already moving before LO. But then the open behaved quite ok and we got our first Cherry signal.

Took the cherry promptly and it hit 2R target. That’s it. There was nothing after that.

So I switched my attention to FX Market. Specially because FOMC helped it move last night. We always look at the market on the M15 chart the following day to catch some #FamousSetup. Famous setup is a very unique AIMS Setup 1. Sam is the Master of Famous Setups.

But I did not catch any apart from EU long which was a RENT.

And then I found a nice cherry on GBP/USD. So a nice and easy 2R trade. Below, I share with you how a Cherry trade is taken from entry to exit with 2% profit.

Here you see the Yellow little square, Cherry signal. 

Stop Loss moved to BE (entry level) after 1R profit

A bit of anxiety for some people seeing it nearly missed the Take Profit level

Finally It HIts 2R. There was no drawdown on this trade. Very Easy. 

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