The Fractal Geometry of AIMS Fruit Method – 70 Points Profits

The market was not as volatile as we like but looking at the hourly time frame we saw that the wave might want to pull back a big. ABC was visible with a possibility of C down turning into a possible nice 1-5 wave formation on the m5 chart.
So we caught the possible 3 down within the possible C down.

I shared this analysis in the #AIMS Live Trading Room

There was an apple signal at the peak of Wave 2 but it was not clear to me. So I waited for box breakout.

AIMS The Fruit method Box Breakout entry plus Add on positions to load it up and increase profitability 

I saw it break below the lows and since i was loaded up I decided to trail the bars using #SnormsATM

As shown in the picture when you click on the t-candle button ATM automatically trails the last candle high/low.

I saw that it broke the lows and it was giving me good profits. I noticed that it might be time for it to pull back a bit. Since positions were fully loaded it was good time to bank some profits. Closed two positions and let the initial running.

Always a great idea to bank some profits methodically 

Soon the trail bar was hit and I decided to exit all positions. I had been waiting for this to play out all morning so I was a bit tired. Turns out it was a good decision anyway.

It was a good trade. The following image shows that our exit was spot on and later it provided another opportunity to catch the 5 down of the C down.

Good 2nd Attempt for W5 Hits TZ1. Next if you were keen on this, and looked at m1, you’d have caught the peak of abc that is W4 up.

Finally a little tip for how AIMS The Purple Line could help with Fractal Geometric Trading Opportunities.

How to Spot Apple of M1 using Purple on M5. 

More details are available in the forum and AIMS Live Trading Room

Wishing you all a happy weekend – Do something New This Weekend.. Something you’ve always wanted to do…. 

AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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