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The Fear of Trading: The left brain

The Fear of Trading: The left brain

Our concious brain is what creates our physical experience of life. As a survival mechanism the concious mind always looks at the darker side of life. It looks for potential problems, so it could formulate potential solutions. It wants to one step ahead of time. Since, with every trade comes the possibility of losing the lefty always looks at the half empty glass, the negative side, the problem side.

Morning pages helps with taming down the left brain, our survival mechanism. with a strategy that could easily give you 60% losers one really needs to tame Mr. left brain down a bit. To be able to look at the bright side of the picture morning pages helps a great deal. I dont know how and what happens during morning pages but doing them absolutely eases my mind. It helps with concentration and staying in the “Now”. In the words of the Great BW, “it certainly helps me get to the other side”.

Another thing that is useful is “Autogenic Training”. For Further details I’d recommend reading the books and visiting
Auto-suggestion and Self-hypnosis technique.

At the end of each tape in Profitunity Home Study Course Bill Williams reminds of completing The Morning pages. in fact I’d like to quote a very important bit about the importance of 3 pages/morning pages from the book, Trading Chaos 2nd Edition,p163
“This commitment is so essential that if you are not willing to make this a serious commitment, even more important that the last 30 minute of sleep in the morning, I strongly suggest that you quit right now. There is no compulsion fro you to do this program. You well may choose to go on living your life and trading that way you have always traded. It is your life and you should make this choice.”
(in a way, he is suggesting that to trade chaos, to trade differently then you traded before and to be able to follow his technique, you must take this on board. He gives us no choices its a yes or no)
You can see how strong this statement is.

He also says that in almost all the cases where people would fail to become successful even after attending tutorial and/or completing home study course the reason they find is that they dont do the morning pages. It is this important. I hope I understand what is written above first and foremost and the rest of us Profitunity Traders.

Starting a few affirmative statements every morning is a best practice.

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