The DAX Report 16 April 2019 [Know Yourself]

The Morning Session:

It was the usual boring start that is the norm these days on the DAX m5 or M1 chart. Markets just aren’t as bombastic as they used to be. But that can change anytime so no worries there.

The Buyers Kicked-In

All of a sudden there were strong buyers in the market. Price shot up. That was my cue. I wait for these volatility spikes. Something that moves the market and shows momentum.

Once that is done all I need to do is wait for AIMS Setup for Entries.

I posted this picture in the chatroom. I’m never sure about a trade. Because if you think about “making sure” you take the right setups to enhance your chances of making money consistently, you do feel uncertain. I think this feeling of uncertainty is the human default position.

The B Trap Setup after a strong move up is a good bet

Trae Management Discipline is KEY:

Now having taken this setup , it was important to stick to the rules. You had to say, ok if it goes up its fine, I’ll let it run as much as possible but if it comes down I won’t touch it and let it hit stop loss. If you don’t do this, you will kill many of your good winning trades.

Know Yourself 

Well, it was not easy for me either. You have to know how to manage the things that make you make mistakes. With experience and keeping a record you begin to understand your own behavioural patterns. I am very impulsive. But I KNOW about it.

So, I engaged myself with the Chatroom where Tomi was sharing his pictures of France from the year 2000. That helped me take my focus away from the screen so that the chart can do its thing. Mind you if it wasn’t for @snorms of ATM (advanced trade manager) scrip, that you see on the chart, i won’t be able to take my eyes off the chart. AUTOMATION is powerful. 

End Result 20 Points at the risk of 7. 

AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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