The Benefits of Achieving Happiness

All fairytales usually end with the words
“And they lived happily ever after”. Everybody is constantly striving to
achieve their expectation of happiness. So what is it about happiness that is
so perfect? Here are a few benefits that being happy can give you.
get better health!
Happy people are more likely to have a
stronger immune system. They are also shown to endure pain better. Did you also
know that happy people are less likely to suffer from depression and there are
also fewer suicides because happy people just have better coping skills?
live longer
People who are always looking on the bright
side of life, tend to live longer than pessimists. So what are you waiting for?
Have a new positive outlook today.
at work
Happier people are more productive at work.
When you are happy, not only you feel better, you also have more energy and are
able to focus. This increases productivity and creativity. They tend to be more
satisfied with their jobs and more happiness shows higher income! Unhappy
people are more sluggish, distracted and they are also less productive at work.
When working with clients, clients are also attracted to one who emits a
positive emotion. A happy person exudes confidence and this confidence will
attract more clients.
People are always drawn to happy people.
They would want to be around a happy person. Like attracts like. Your whole
life becomes happier because you have established a warm and loving character.
Your family and friends also become happier. Furthermore, your children respond
well to positive thoughts and positive emotions. You will get your children
laughing around and growing to happy adults too. In addition, your spouse will
also be more loving in your response to your happiness.
So what are you waiting for? Happiness has
many benefits and there are no downsides to being happy. So make a choice to be
happy today!

A Happy Christmas to Every one ! Be Happy Stay Happy! May You Achieve What You Seek! 
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