Learn this Simple Method Called the 1-2-3 KC Method to Trade Like Professionals

Today I’d like to share with you my simple trading method that you can use for scalping or trend trading or swing trading. You can apply it to any instrument and any time frame. But in the video, I’m going to share how I traded at the US Open today. The instrument I trade is US30 (DOW30 DJIA). The point is not how I trade the US open but how this method is THE BOMB.

Here is an Example from DAX30 Time Frame M5. Dated 5/5/21

DAX30 M5 The KC 1-2-3 Method

Here is Another Example from FTSE100. The Time Frame I’m using here is the M5 so it can be used for Day Trading As well as Swing Trading.

FTSE100 Example… If you were to drop to M1 you will be able to count Elliott Wave as well. But on the M5 chart Point, 1 is Wave 3 Point 2 is Wave 4 (hence Setup 1) point 3 is Wave 5 or new wave 3 … For Those who know my Setup 1 Strategy, it will be a great reference point.

Some Help for the Beginners

If you’re a beginner then the above might look a bit hard to learn. Thought its simple I know that beginners need a little help from some simple indicators. We have coded indicators that look for these situations. AIMS The Hunt 2.0 Indicators can do just that for you. Here is the same chart using the Hunt 2.0 Indicators. Making it easier for you take the Buy Signal.

UK100 Buy Signal Example

First and Second Image

UK100 Buy Signal Example with HUNT 2.0 Indicators
UK100 Buy Signal Example with HUNT 2.0 Indicators

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