successful trade with Aims

Hi there
I have just made 139 pips today using AIMS trading.
Once you know how to spot a saddle point, its very easy! You got your saddle point, your dot alert, check the rules, check M5 trend and lets pips go. Exit correctly and bingo!
Dont get it wrong, I did have losses (6 of 16 trades) but i keep them low.
I never made so many pips in a day (even in the week, i am a beginner!)
I can only thank Immy and his so friendly AIMS team for helping me. Now i must stay focus, patient and disciplined.
An exemple of one of my trade:
Saddle point, blue dot signal, PO at 1409 break of AIMS at 16h31 exit at 1462 at 16h54. Bang + 53


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2 thoughts on “successful trade with Aims”

  1. Well Done Erik, You really were in "the Zone" Today. Now all you have to do is to repeat this process over and over and over. I remember when I was given this advice about a couple of years ago and I kind of understand it now hehe

  2. Erik, keep doing samething all over again, as for me I made 51 pips today just on two trade both winners. made 10% profit on my acc. Immy all i got to say is thank you. i started trading M1 yesterday but there is no going back, I'll do it all over again till i get bored doing it or stink of making money.

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