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Sam the Master of Famous Setup

Sam the Master of Famous Setup

Well done Sam… Famous Setup ROCKS!!!

Sam is one of our oldest members and an active participants of our Skype Live Trading Group. Today he called a buy signal on GBP/USD for his favourite setup we call the Famous Setup. Its basically a Setup 1 but it can be spotted on H1 and traded on either the hourly or the 15 minute chart. Its famous because you can actually know about this setup potentially setting up upto 12 hrs in advance. We usually know this might happen tomorrow at the end of today’s’ session. Its one of the Highest Probability Setups you’ll ever find in the forex market. It gives you over 2/3 chance of a winning trade which to me is HUGE. Like all setups this too needs to be learned first before you can really take advantage of. Being an AIMS Member has its advantages, this is one of them.

Cable setup on M15 

Below snapshot shows Sam called the setup in the group

Sam Signal to Buy GBP/USD on the M15 Chart 

I looked at cable as well and found it to be a good setup. Thanks to Sam otherwise I would have missed it. This is one of the advantages I personally like about our group. You have a few dozen extra pair of eyes working on your behalf. Priceless.

Sam and I set our Pending Orders with Breakeven Price levels and target price levels shared so others could have a look or copy if they so wished. 

And the result was just as we would have liked. It hit Target point with a 2% profit. Interestingly, price immediately dropped after we go out. What does that tell you? It means we were in line with the market.

The Famous Setup on GBP/USD Hits its predefined target point.

Note: picture shows Snorms Advanced Trade Manager, please do not assume it comes with AIMS package. You can purchase that separately, even without AIMS Membership at Steve is a Great Gent/Gem) 

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