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Why You Need to Learn to Use this Tool – Risk Management

Why You Need to Learn to Use this Tool – Risk Management

RISK MANAGEMENT is the Key. As traders we know this. You don’t have any chance of survival, in the trading world, unless and until you understand and apply correct risk management rules into your trading plan.

Your Trading Strategy must address Risk Management first and foremost. This is what it’s all about. you want to know exactly how much can you possibly lose before you even consider setting an order to enter the market .

Likewise, in life, we need to STAY SAFE. And now, more than ever, we all should do our bit. Specially because these days its not about YOU only. It’s about the rest of us as well. You SAVE lives by staying safe.

Today, the least selfish thing you could do is to STAY SAFE. Be very selfish and keep yourself selfishly safe from the virus. This would be your biggest, greatest deed to the entire human race.

I’m sure you’re staying home. And probably getting bored. However if you were part of  our AIMS Live Trading Room, chances are you’d have something to do. A bit of laugh and lots of Trade Ideas.

Today Jasmien did it again. Well, she filtered something and when I asked her why. She went bonkers. lol

So I thought I’ll explain this matter in a video. Here is the video.

In This Video Tutorial:

1. Learn how to Draw Target Zone
2. When and how to use Target Zone to filter signals
3. What is the correct Setup pattern
4. How to count waves using correct number of bars on the AO
5. Multiple time frame manipulation to count elliott waves within 10 seconds or less

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Jay C.