Playing with Fruit Method – Dax Report 18 Jan 2018

The Market showed no movement whatsoever during london session. It was boring but our system rules allowed us to stay put. Nothing was happening.

However I did go into a long trade and quickly exited at BE as nothing was going on. Then I marked the markets range and thought ,I will trade once it is broken

That range was broken 3 minutes before NEO session (New York Equities Open).

So it broke and went too far too fast. That’s where the FRUIT Method Kicks in.

Here are some fine charts of that campaign.

It was good fun talking about the following trades on a minute by minute basis in our AIMS Skype Live Trading Room 

DAX M1 Fruit Method – Fruit Signal On the peak of Wave 3 

The trade was in and soon received an add on signal

Fruit Entry is in Pending Orders for Add on signal 1 and 2 

Oh boy the add ons kicked in at once but with force. One entry slipped by 9 pips. Not good.

So I decided to get out of the add on position as it was disturbing the symmetry of the campaign.

2nd Add on Exited due to slippage

After that there was one more add on created by box. Took that and let it roll while I went away from computer and allowed #ATM #Snorms to manage the trade using Fractal Trail or AIMS Box Trail.

Came back from school and saw the following lovely image.

If you like the concept don’t hesitate to Join our Friendly Trading Community. 

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