How I Passed $200,000 Forex Funded Account Challenge?

How to pass FTMO or MyForexFunds Challenge? I will show you How I have won a $200,000 Funded Account and have become a Professional Forex Trader

What is a Funded Account in Forex?

It is a trading account where you get access to a larger amount of capital to trade for a Trading Firm in exchange for a one-off fee.

You must have heard about forex prop firms? There are websites out there that will give you $200,000 real money to trade but only if you pass their evaluation challenge. The most famous one is FTMO followed by MyForexFunds. I don’t know much about the rest of them, these are the two I have used.

Traders are winning $200,000 real money accounts. e.g. Emma took the challenge last year and she’s been trading with a Live $200,000 Real money account ever since. 

Why did I accept the challenge?

I was challenged by a few of you to show that I am able to win the challenge. The logic is that if my students are doing it and passing the challenge if the people using my strategy are winning the forex-funded account then surely the teacher can do it as well, right?

I thought it was only fair that I should get an account as well. So I bought the $200,000 challenge from (No affiliation). They have several options. You can either go for Accelerated, Evaluation or Rapid Account. I liked the challenge of the Evaluation account.

They say, “Our evaluation program is a two-step process where a potential Funded trader can prove their FOREX, CFD or commodities trading skills. Like our rapid trading accounts, evaluation trading account sizes range from $10k to $200k with profit-split payouts occurring once a month on the first month and then bi-weekly from that point on. A trader can have up to 600k in capital from evaluation accounts but only 300k per trading account.

Through the MyForexFunds evaluation trading account process, we hope to identify serious FOREX Prop Firm traders who display the trading skills required to be successful with a FOREX Prop Firm. Stay consistent, accurate and maintain proper trading risk management skills and we will reward you. Prove your worth and jump to a funded account in as little as 10 days. Or take it easy and pass within 90 days. Its’ up to you!”

So, I did get an account, and although it was harder than I initially thought, I passed.

How long did it take Pass the Challenge?

It took me 3 months to pass the challenge but that is because I applied a completely new strategy. Instead of my usual M5/M1 method, I went for the Hourly time frame. It was tough since I was learning “on the job”. 

My Forex Funds have sent me a slick certificate as well. I like it. Should I print and laminate it? 😜

It took 26 Trades to win the First Phase and to my surprise, it took 65 Trades to pass the 2nd stage of evaluation which they call “confirmation”. Oh boy, I thought I was learning to trade all over again. 

Would you like to Learn How to pass FTMO or MyForexFunds Challenge?

If Yes, then you’ve come to the right place. I will show you How I have won a $200,000 Funded Account and have become a Professional Forex Trader. I have a forex trading strategy that I have perfected over the last 10 years of forex trading. But don’t worry, it’s not all price action. Learning price action can take years if not decades. Instead, I will give an indicator that I use. I also have a trading course for you if you like. The course will teach you exactly how to use the indicator to win your forex-funded account challenge, whether it’s a 10,000 or $100,000 or $300,000 account. It makes no difference. Just learn the method, learn the rules and apply the indicator. Booom

Today, I shared all the trades I have taken to complete this challenge.
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