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Opportunity is NOW-HERE

Opportunity is NOW-HERE

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You have a Grand Opportunity to Learn a Simple yet Powerful Trading System 

In the famous words of the legendary trader Dr. Bill Williams,


in the Book Trading Chaos, Dr Williams asks you to read this phrase written like so. “Opportunity is Nowhere”. 

Most people perceive it as “nowhere”. iTradeAIMS is here to help you put that “hyphen” between Now and Here. 

A Powerful Strategy that is Tried and Tested by Thousands

AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies have been tried and tested by thousands around the world with great success.

The System has been proven successful in all kinds of markets, including Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, Futures, and Commodities Markets.

A Trading System for Everyone | Day Trader, Swing Trader, Investor 

AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies and Systems are designed to suit all kinds of personalities and lifestyles. 

The system can be applied to Shorter Time Frames, Swing Time Frames and Investing Time Frames. 

A Responsive and Evolving Strategy

Markets are dynamic and keep changing constantly. The only thing that remains consistent is change.

Yet, Every moment in the market is unique and the market will never be the same.

ITradeAIMS Strategies are based on the underlying structure of the market.

Yes, the markets always have an underlying structure that hardly changes because its rate of change is very slow. 

The Market may change on the superficial level but underneath it is a base layer. The foundational structure of the market remains almost always the same.

AIMS responds and adapts constantly to minor or major changes in the market.

As the markets evolve AIMS adapts and updates are made available to you. All our software and course content remains fresh and consistently updated on a regular basis.

A Robust and Innovative Support System

Trading can be a lonely activity but you are not alone when trading with the iTradeAIMS community. We have a group of traders and mentors who will be there to help you every step of the way. 

You get a Members Only Dashboard Area where you can access all the course material and software.

You also have a place to share your trade ideas and journal.  The AIMS Community Forum and Discord Channels are here to support you and guide you at each step and take you into the future of consistently successful trading.

When you want to instantly get in touch with your fellow AIMS traders you can hop into the Discord Server and chat or talk to others. 

A Micro and Macro Perspective

AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies allows a trader to read and analyze the market from a micro and macro perspective and that is a very powerful attribute.  

The Market is Fractal in nature. This is why our approach to trading is also multidimensional. Our strategies take full advantage of the Fractal Geometry of the Markets. 

A Solution for all types of Trading Personalities and Lifestyles

With AIMS Strategies you will find and profit from very lucrative trading opportunities.  You will learn how to apply trading Chaos to Forex on shorter time frames and longer time frames. No matter you have an hour of time available to trade or the whole five days of the week you have a choice of AIMS Stress-Free Strategy to suit your style. AIMS Stress-Free Trading Strategies presents solutions for Scalping, Intra Day Trading, Swing Trading, Short to Medium Term, and longer-term Investing. It all depends on your choice.

You!, will Get Your “Ahaa!” Moment

Many people immediately have their “aha” moments. They grasp the idea relatively quickly, yet others take longer, but eventually, they all get it. One thing that everyone agrees on, whether it’s trading the financial markets or any other business: trading success requires consistency. We have a formula:

Patience + Discipline = Consistency

Trading Made Simple and Easy

Trading really is simple but without consistency and the right mindset, I cannot say it is easy for all, I know it is not. I also know that it can be made easier.

In this age of cyber world space and digital life, we are all looking for instant gratification and overnight success.

Trading is simple but ironically, the simpler things in life are often the hardest to achieve.

But the iTradeAIMS system does not require hard work, instead, it is a new way of seeing the markets.

Become a Consistently Profitable Trader

Anyone can pull the trigger and take a trade. Heck, they can even make a very profitable trade every now and then.

However, the real success in trading is the ability to make money and be able to keep it.

The real success is to be able to consistently grow your account with minimal drawdown. 

Despite what the youtube gurus tell us, the fact remains:

We are here to help fill that gap. We will help and support you every step of the way. 

A Step by Step Plan to Become a Highly Disciplined Trader

The world of trading is full of stories of traders who have made or lost fortunes. The serious trader has only one boring story to tell. They grow rich slowly. 

They grow rich slow because they have a plan for the next 10 years, 5 years, and 1 year. They have a plan for each quarter, month, and week. 

You will learn how to create a professional trading plan and how to implement and review it without much effort. 

They have only one piece of advice for you.

Trade Your Plan and Plan Your Trades

  • Follow the Rules of Your Trading System: Every time you take a trade following the rules of your system, you move one step closer to your destiny.
  • Make Every Trade into a Winner: Every trade is an achievement, it is a winner, as long as it is taken according to the rules of your system.
  • Trade The System As it is Supposed to be Traded: To be successful in trading, you have to consistently trade the system as it is supposed to be traded.

Look through A New Lens and an Extra Dimension

Traders who are consistently losing are at war with the market. Most of us perceive the market as an unfriendly place, but it is not – the market is neutral.

I suggest we shift our perspective about markets from a dangerous and unfriendly place, to a friendly and neutral place.

Remember what Einstein said: “The most important question we should ask is …“Is the universe a friendly place?”.

Your answer to this question will fundamentally determine your trading success and, indeed, success in all aspects of your life.

Happiness, creating success, great relationships, money, health and wealth, everything.  Your answers set in place your belief system.

To understand the markets, what you need is a paradigm shift. For many a quick shift, for others, it takes a bit longer, but it does happen.

I’m not asking for hard work, as no hard work is required. Just be open to change;  be open and ready to accept “New Incoming Information”; relax and experience the change.“I have found that we humans have two innate tendencies:
1 – we tend to overcomplicate everything we touch and, because of that, 2 – we cannot see the obvious”_________Dr.  Bill Williams

A Strong Belief System

I have learned, through working with people, that the only way to be consistently successful is to establish a firm belief in your system.

A strong belief system paves the path towards the state of “knowing”. A firm belief system can be created by trading your system religiously, repeating the same process over and over, day in day out.

So I urge you to trade the system as it is supposed to be traded: trade the Setup and only the Setup. To do that, we need to learn and thoroughly understand the strategy.

It’s Not Rocket Science 

Please complete each lesson and course carefully and take your time. No need to rush. Always keep in mind that it’s not rocket science.

Take it easy, relax and tell yourself:

“I’m going to learn a simple way of trading”.

Go on say it aloud to yourself. And repeat.

Say to yourself and accept that it is simple.

Believe in yourself. Really! You can do it.


Make this your mantra, “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this” Remember that “Confidence grows by doing, not only thinking. the Only Action produces results”.“It is the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only the wise are able to understand them.”

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