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Market Phases Today 21 July 2021 – DAX30

Market Phases Today 21 July 2021 – DAX30

market cycle micro phases

I will try to create a post on a daily basis at the end of a session or the trading day. I will mark the chart with the Phases of hte market. It’s part of hte market cycle concept. You can read about market cycle more here. These are the micro phases. Since market is fractal geometric in nature every phases might be part of the market cycle on some other lower or higher time frame.

This will be a quick and fast to the point post with a screenshot. I post this daily in our Discord Group.

Micro-phases to help understand the market.
  1. Wide Trading Range with huge spikes
  2. Clean Breakout but emerged within a trading range, difficult to catch at the beginning. Even the pull-back was dodgy, Sam was right to ignore it.
  3. Trading Range, Ascending Triangle. DO NOT Trade Breakouts of Ranges. IT has a Reverse Edge. That is, Limit order Sell above the Range, has higher probability of success.
  4. Bear Breakout followed by
  5. Bull Breakout to the upside
  6. Both the breakouts are inside a Trading Range.
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